Three Major Benefits Of Green Tea

A plethora of images, memories and ideas come up when someone thinks of a cup of tea. For some it is gallons of sun tea brewing on the back porch while for others it is a memory of cold nights by the fireplace. One of the most popular teas to brew out of all the ones on the market is green tea. There are numerous benefits to green tea that can range from flavor to health benefits. The following are the three major benefits of green tea: enjoyment, energy and essential health benefits.


The sheer enjoyment that goes along with a soothing cup of green tea is perhaps the simplest benefit. This drink is a favorite because of its light and delicate flavors which makes it a good complement to breakfasts, lunch and dinner. Green tea is fabulous with honey even though it can be served with or without sweetners. Green tea is not longer only being served as a hot beverage. Now it is served as a cold bottled beverages and a component in smoothies or frappes. Now you can enjoy the flavor of green tea even on hot summer days.


Another benefit of green tea in addition to enjoyment is the energy factor. Green tea has caffeine like coffee. Green tea contains less caffeine, but it is still a great way to get over the late afternoon hump. The benefit of green tea is actually this small dose of caffeine since it is just enough to give you a boost but doesn’t cause the jittery, anxious feeling typically associated with other caffeinated beverages. So consider pouring a hot cup of water and dipping in a bag of green tea the next time you go to the coffee machine in your office.

Essential Health Benefits

Two great benefits of green tea are the enjoyment and energy, but the greatest benefit is the health benefits. These are becoming increasingly more noticeable with green tea. Antioxidants are abundant in green tea and they help counterbalance free radicals. As a result of our bodies natural metabolic processes, free radical are produced which cause damage to our cells. Antioxidants prevent some of this damage by counterbalancing these free radicals. Follow the urge to grab a cup and enjoy some green tea no matter which of the three benefits interest you.

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