Recipes For An Afternoon Tea

Any family that has a little girl in the house will need to keep recipes for an afternoon tea handy at all times. The afternoon tea time can be a time for bonding between Mother and Daughter or it can be can be the first time that your child has the opportunity to set a table, or serve tea to their Father.

The recipes for an afternoon tea will have to include scones because no proper afternoon tea experience would be complete without them. The rich brown colored scones can be made from a cake recipe and can be dressed up by adding halved pecans and a dip made of strawberry preserves and cream cheese. Some of the scones can be lathered in a lemon frosting, and other scones on a very decorative plate can be layered in sugar sprinkles that are multi-colored.

Other recipes that should be included in an Afternoon Tea are finger sandwiches. The content of those sandwiches will differ with every hostess. Some hostesses prefer simple finger sandwiches that are made of peanut butter and jelly. Of course, the edges of the bread will have to be trimmed off, and some hostesses prefer that the edges are cut in a wavy pattern. Some hostesses prefer to present their guests with pizza rolls because they have a true passion for spicier foods.

The recipes for an Afternoon Tea could help create finger sandwiches that are shaped like stars, circles and half-moons. Parents have a great time with their children when they haul the cookie cutters out and create finger sandwiches that are filled with thinly sliced ham, and two types of cheese. They are sure to leave the mayonnaise and mustard off because some guests at the party simply can not tolerate those condiments on their finger sandwiches.

Some parents will allow their children get dressy with the recipes for an Afternoon Tea. The hostesses will choose decorative glassware at a party supply house that can be hand decorated by guests during the party. There are matching pitchers that can be filled with cold or chocolate milk, or be filled to the brim with flavored iced tea. The recipes for an Afternoon Tea should compliment the hostess perfectly, and served to guests with complimenting utensils as well.

To be sure that all choices of food have been considered, the hostess should include a mock menu on the invitation for the Afternoon Tea. Most Afternoon Teas will start promptly at 3:00 p.m., and some guests may have dined before they arrive for the party. All guests should be given the opportunity to take some of the recipes for an Afternoon Tea back home to their parents so that they will have them when their own child schedules an Afternoon Tea at a later date.

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