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Ever since a prominent Medical Doctor appeared on the Oprah show and announced there was tea that burns 10 pounds of fat in 6 weeks, there has been a lot of speculation on what the famous "Oprah tea" is, and whether it works.

The tea in question comes from the Wu Yi mountains of China, which has the optimal climate for producing fine teas. It's called Wulong-Oolong, and is a specific species of tea the region is renowned for producing.

So, what makes Wulong-Oolong so effective in helping you lose weight? It is rich in catechins. These are polyphenolic plant compounds that have antioxidant properties. They belong to the family of flavonoids that have been extensively documented for their health benefits.

Scientists wrote in the journal "Antioxidants & Redox Signaling" that Wulong-Oolong could boost the immune system, which has an effect of strengthening the body, leaving you more likely to burn more calories in performing your every day activities.

A Japanese Medical School found that those who drank the Oprah tea had less belly fat than those who drank a regular tea. They concluded that that tea prevented the fats from your meals from being absorbed by the body.

This was also proven by another Medical School in Asia, which found that the tea actually increased thermogenesis in subjects who drank the tea while eating a high fat diet.

The fat-blocking effect worked just as well on carbohydrates, as researchers in Osaka, Japan found the tea prevented the insulin spike that causes glucose in foods to be stored as fat.

You can get the same results the scientists found by taking a cup of the Oprah tea before each meal or snack. If you're going all out and want to lose maximum weight, reduce your food intake a little and step up the exercise and you'll find it works even better.

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