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Bulk tea is the most economical way to purchase this beverage, which is a favorite in much of the world – and in many places, has a lot of tradition associated with it. The Japanese tea ceremony goes back centuries; in much of Asia, it is said that the sky rained tea on the day Buddha was born. Afternoon tea, complete with a wide array of tea accessories, dates back 300 years in Britain, and anger over taxes on bulk tea led to a raid on cargo ships anchored in Boston Harbor one November night in 1775 – and this changed the course of history.

Organic Teas

The laws that determine which bulk teas can be sold as organic teas vary from one country to the next. In the U.S., organic loose teas and other products are certified at the state level by local agencies approved by the USDA. Those seeking as hot beverage to get them started in the morning will be glad to know that many black organic teas such as jasmine, oolong, asman and pekoe and pekoe pack as much of a "wallop" as many varieties of coffee – at a lower cost and with substantially less caffeine.

Exotic Teas

For those looking for a different taste, try black or green organic teas that have been flavored with spearmint and peppermint for a North African or Middle Eastern twist.

Chai tea (which is a somewhat redundant term, being as "chai" is the word for "tea" in Hindi, Russian and several other languages) is a taste treat from India. Flavored with traditional Indian spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and ginger, it is traditionally served hot with milk and sugar. However, the added spices give this beverage a natural sweetness, and it is also an excellent thirst quencher on those hot summer days!

Organic Herbal Teas

If you are trying to avoid caffeine altogether, you’ll be glad to know that many organic loose teas are herbal. Many of these are therapeutic and even medicinal in nature. Chamomile is acknowledged by herbalists as a natural relaxant and sleep aid; younger women who suffer from cramps during their menstrual period find it useful in the relief of such symptoms. Licorice and ginseng are thought to have a positive effect on energy levels and sexual function in men.

Organic Loose Teas

While bulk tea is economical to buy, there’s a catch – it comes as loose leaves. This means there is no tea bag; therefore, you’ll need tea accessories such as tea balls. It’s a bit of extra trouble, but well worth it in order to enjoy the superior quality and taste of organic bulk tea.

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