Hot Chai Tea For Cold Winter Nights

Chai tea is a delectable drink perfect for when you want to relax in front of a fire on a cold winter evening. India chai tea is named after the country where chai is grown, and where it is a famous and popular drink. If you enjoy spice and spicy flavored drinks, then chai tea is a great drink for you.

You will find quality sources for chai tea online. From them, you can select the specific types of chai that you prefer.

Making excellent chai begins with a strong black tea as the basis for the drink. Assam tea is often used, but gunpowder tea or green chai tea may also be substituted. The tea is mixed together with a selection of spices that can include cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, pepper and cloves. There are variations that can include mint, almonds, saffron, nutmeg, rose petals, and licorice. It is typically made with some type of milk, with the proportions of half parts water to half parts milk. Whole milk can be used to impart a rich creaminess, but soy or rice milk offer tasty alternatives. The tea is placed in the quantity desired in a tea ball that then goes inside the tea cup or teapot. The water and milk are heated to just below boiling so as not to curdle the milk, and then the hot liquid is poured over the tea ball. The tea is left to steep until the desired strength is reached, and then the tea strainer is removed. While the tea is hot is a good time to add sweetener to the drink, because the sweetener will melt more rapidly and thoroughly in hot rather than cold liquid. The sweetener used is up to your personal taste, so you might try white sugar, brown sugar, honey or even sweetened condensed milk.

Some enjoy green chai tea as a cold drink. It has become very popular in North America, where you might even find chai versions of eggnog available during the winter holidays.

You can find chai tea for sale that is decaffeinated, if you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake. Green chai tea, as well as other chai blends, are available from premium chai tea online merchants, making it easy to shop for your favorite drink. Decaffeinated chai tea uses all of the best spices along with decaf Flowery Orange Pekoe tea. India chai tea varieties of organic herbal chai tea for sale can contain cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fennel, orange peel, ginger, licorice and black pepper. Many find Rooibos chai tea online, as well as Mate Chai and Redwood Chai, and love the distinctive flavor of these variations on their favorite drink.

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