Hidden Benefits of Green Tea

Well, you should consider drinking it more often - because green tea has some shocking health benefits that you probably didn't even realize were there.

What does green tea really have to offer - what's hiding in that plain looking tea bag that could make you feel better, improve your health, and even extend your life?

A lot.

Cancer Prevention

Did you know that a study in China in 1994 showed that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophagael cancer in both men and women by up to 60%? 60%! That's a huge decrease in risk!

Another study done by the University of Purdue showed that green tea has a special compound that's not commonly found anywhere else, as far as they know. And the study indicated that this compound may actually inhibit the growth of cancer cells in your body.

While there's no cure for cancer, adding green tea to a part of your everyday life may make all the difference, in the long run.


We all could probably use some help when it comes to our cholesterol - after all, we usually don't eat the way we should, and no matter how much our doctor tells us, that piece of fried chicken always looks better than the weird-smelling lemon broiled chicken!

Well, there might be a happy middle ground. While it's not a substitute for healthy living, studies have suggested that drinking green tea can help reduce your bad cholesterol and lower your triglycerides.

A cup a day could really change the way you look about your cholesterol forever.


Do you hate going to the gym to try and lose those extra few pounds?

Well, there's something that you might be able to do that can compliment your gym time that's easy and you can do it everyday without fail.

It's drinking green tea. Really - green tea has been shown to burn more calories than any other natural drink, and can help you lose weight and keep it off.

In fact, an anti-aging specialist on a daytime TV show told the viewers that if they just replaced their coffee with green tea every day, they could lose 10 pounds in six weeks - with just that one change!

What Is Green Tea Good For, Anyway?

Most people think that you can only ingest green tea one way - by drinking it hot, in a cup, with that cute little tea bag end sticking out. It's like a bad commercial for those that are sick, then take that magic pill to make them all better.

But you don't have to drink it hot if you don't like it hot. Make it hot, add some honey, and then put it over ice - let it sit in the fridge, with ice, for about five minutes, then pull it out and drink it. It's actually delicious that way, and you don't have to deal with hot tea all of the time. In the summer, it's such a refreshing drink!

Or, you can cook with it. Those in China have been doing it for years, and they cook many of things using green tea for extra flavor, and for improved health.

You can substitute green tea for water in almost any recipe, add it to a plain or non flavored meal or side dish for an extra kick, or even put it into a home made cake for a unique twist on the normal dessert menu.

Don't be afraid to play with the idea of using green tea in your dishes, because it really is quite delicious, and adds something you certainly wouldn't expect!


Green tea has many health benefits, so the next time you stop at a cafe for a quick cup of coffee, think about getting a cup of green tea instead. Healthier, refreshing, and it tastes great. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah - the incredible health benefits!

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