Green Tea - The First Line Of Defense Against Cancer

In a recent international conference, new findings regarding the fighting power of green tea against cancer were unveiled.
At this time, several important laboratories around the world are studying the fighting effects against cancer of the green tea at cellular level.

While Asian people is used to drink green tea regularly in their diets, western people is still not so convinced about the power against cancer that green tea can provide them and lack of knowledge of the benefit of green tea is mainly the cause for such behavior.

Dr. Gasiewicz, from Rochester Medical Center, has been studying a particular chemical found in green tea with great success, finding throughout his research that Green Tea can actually interrupt cancer process at the very begining of the illness.
As he found in his research, green tea protects cells as it has an active substance called EGCG which seems to target one protein at a precision that cancer drugs are not able to match. This protein is common in our bodies and is widely found in several kinds of cancer.

As this protein is present in most cancer cells, scientists believe that sometimes such protein helps to trigger the series of changes in cells that lately will cause cancer.

If this happen to be true, green tea directly prevent cancer at an unprecedented level which not even current drugs can, especially because we are talking about prevention, because this component of green tea (EGCG) will make potentially harmful genes less likely to get turned on.

Anti-Cancer Diet

If this is confirmed, it would explain the results obtained in several studies conducted in Asia, where green tea consumption is common and it is known that cause a lower risk for cancers that are very different one from the other.

Such studies conducted in Asia, which link green tea to reduced risk for breast, prostate, bladder, colon, stomach, pancreatic and esophageal cancer can be explained because as found in this study, it fights a common denominator found in all these kinds of cancer.

Even more, green tea's capabilities has an impressive targeted precision which drugs still can't, working flawlessly to fight the initial stages of cancer, even before that the protein described above sends the biochemical signals that trigger cancer in our bodies.

To have a clue about how much green tea is needed to drink daily, Asian people drink an average 3-4 cups of green tea.

According to surveys, western people is far from that, having less than 1% drinking 2-3 cups and nearly 70% is saying that they do not drink green tea or have only drank it rarely or never.

Drinking green tea every day is a great way to protect your cells against cancer, which is something that we all should do.

If you do not find green tea appealing, try different kinds of teas and add sugar, honey or lemon to make it tastier for you and start your fight against cancer much before eventually you have to.

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