Green Tea; Not Just Another Health Article

Green tea has become quite a popular beverage in the western world in recent years. The beverage as well as extracts from the beverage are found in many products such as capsules, shampoos, and chilled drinks. You know doubt have read or heard about the many benefits of green tea at some point.

A report in a 1996 issue of Fundamental Applied & Toxicology showed that mice that were bred to develop certain lung tumors were protected by the formation of the tumors simply by having green tea added in their diet. To help solidify these claims in the study, mice that did not have the green tea developed the tumors.

It is important to mention that more studies have to be done in order to suggest the same findings may apply for humans.

It is said that green tea can help prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, abate cancer growth, and even fight cavities.

But there is way more to green tea than just the benefits, and it is also wise to state that the way we consume this tea is important and can actually determine how much of these benefits we reap.

Now aside from benefits, there is more to this beverage that can be obtained. For one, since there are hundreds of varieties of the green type of tea, it offers a world to choose from which many tea drinkers love since there is always a new kind to experience. Each one has its own distinct taste as well; speaking of which...

If you ever had green tea brewed from a tea bag, or had it chilled in a bottle...then you more than likely didn't come close to the flavor this tea offers. This is because most tea brewed from tea bags are made from "fannings", which are the lowest grading of tea. Literally bottom of the barrel!

Brewing green tea, or any type of tea, using whole loose leaves is a far superior way to obtain the unique flavor and benefits your tea provides. And what about the tea chilled in bottles? Well, since mostly sugar and corn syrup are the main ingredients, only a small hint of the actual tea will touch your palate.

Now since we're on taste, let us debunk another thing that green tea is sadly misunderstood for.

Many folks believe that green tea has a displeasing flavor that will be too vegetal to enjoy or get used to. Well, I won't lie to you, some varieties do have a somewhat grassy taste, but the amazing thing is that your tongue will open up to it. It may take about 4 to 5 cups, but it happens, you adopt. And usually after that, you'll WANT a tea with an awesome and strong vegetal taste now that the flavor has a certain "sweetness". Just give it a chance.

Chinese greens overall are more mild, with some varieties having little depth, so for newcomers, that may be a good place to start the journey. Japanese green teas like sencha, have more grassier notes which seasoned tea drinkers really enjoy. So if you're new to this type of tea, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the stronger taste.

Another factor on taste is how you brew your loose leaf green tea. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is adding boiling water to the delicate leaves. Let the water cool down for half a minute to avoid a spoiled cup. Also, the type of water used for steeping is important too. Avoid tap water since the impurities will influence the flavor. Stay away from distilled water as well since this has a tendency to make the tea taste "flat". Filtered water or natural spring water works best.

The age of your green tea has a role to play and is best enjoyed within 6 to 8 months of the longer.

And of course watch your steeping time! Green tea has properties in it called tannins which release in greater numbers after about 3 minutes of brewing. If too many escape, your cup will become bitter and lose its subtle flavor. So be sure and follow the brewing instructions! Also, it is recommended you use a large infuser so that the leaves have room to open, so avoid tea ball infusers if you can.

So remember, green tea has many benefits to offer, both for taste and health. But in order to experience the best of it, loose leaf tea is the way to go. Give this loose leaf method a chance, and a whole new beverage will introduce itself to you, providing you years of tea-drinking enjoyment!

It has for me :)

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