Green Tea Harmless in Weight Loss

You may not have been aware that you are quite capable of taking your weight loss program in your own hands by simply consuming green tea as a daily beverage and alternative therapy to obesity problems or weight loss programs.

However, what should be obvious to you is that obesity, which predisposes several other diseases, is now a serious health risk for most people in the US. In fact the risk of obesity is now as high in the USA as the risk of malaria is in both Africa and Asia.

But I have a good news for you.

The green tea, aside from being the best remedy for obesity, has several health benefits.

Countless studies have been carried out by different Universities and research institutions in both Asia and the West to find out what makes green tea such a hot health product for you. And all the results point to green tea possessing numrous health benefits because of the myriad of natural ingredients found in this special herb.

For instance, a compound called flavornoid interacts with other chemicals in the green tea to cause more calories to be burnt and bring about weight loss.

Another ingredient that actively contributes to the weight loss benefits of green tea is the compound catechin polyphenols. These compounds also interact with other green tea extract ingredients in order to promote weight loss by fat burning and thermogenesis (a process of losing energy by daytime).

Did you know that the Green Tea is usually processed from the leaves of a plant known botanically as Camellia sinensis and majorly found in Asia?

Well, that's correct.

In one of the recent studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea extract was used to increase metabolism beyond what is obtainbable from beloved caffeine.

The Green tea, therefore, proved a very potent weightloss herb when reserchers administered in the body, the same amount of caffeine as found in green tea extract, but did not see the same amount of energy expenditure as usually caused by green tea to burn fat.

This made it obvious to the scientists that the green tea contains other ingredients that interact with each other including caffeine to promote increased metabolism and fat oxidation that leads to satisfactory weight loss.

No wonder the green tea is now rated the best weight loss herbal product in the market today. People who have enjoyed the benefits of green tea will tell you that there is nothing like it right now for personal health management.

I have visited many green tea forums to find out what is being said about the green tea, so let me tell you that in none of those forums did I find one single comment as to any adverse effect from the consumption of green tea. All Consumers sing the praises of green tea because of the health benefits they get from it.

The same cannot be said about prescription drugs and other weight loss supplements for obesity, most of which increase heart speed and or raise blood pressure. This makes the green tea a safer alternative to several weight loss drugs and supplements with their attendant adverse side effects.

Another study conducted by the University of Geneva on how green tea is able to effect weight loss without adverse side effect, indicated that aside from green tea's weight loss benefits, the thyroid is a beneficiary of the special healing power of green tea.

Dietitian Lynn Moss, M.S,R.D., made this point when he pointed out that the green tea is a healthier beverage for people who have thyroids that are too sensitive to stimulants since green tea fastens metabolism while not over stimulating the adrenal glands to aggravate the thyroid.

Now this is just talking about green tea and weight loss. Green tea gives numerous other health benefits, especially reducing the risk of heart disease,cancer and stomach ulcer. Put in other words, the green tea is natural detoxifier.

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