Green Tea Extract

What is Green Tea Extract?
Green Tea Extract is the concentrate of the green tea leaf. The leaf is steeped in alcohol or some other solvent, which is then left to evaporate, leaving the extract. It has all the essential properties of the Green Tea Leaf. The extract has more of the essential parts, while parts of the leaf have no benefit, or effect at all.

Why You WANT it
Just as in green tea, the extract is loaded with plant nutrients called phytochemicals. They’re among some of nature’s strongest and most beneficial substances. The anti-oxidant rich phytochemicals, powerfully defend against the damages caused by free radicals in our bodies.

The free radicals are ‘missing a screw’; literally, they have an unpaired electron, which makes them unstable. They form fast chain reactions and can destabilize other molecules – that’s not good for us. The anti-oxidants found in Green Tea Extract neutralize the free radicals, and in so doing provide a number of noted benefits including: treating headaches, correcting poor digestion, and lowering cholesterol. Not only does the extract provide anti-oxidants, but studies have shown that our blood’s capacity for holding anti-oxidants increases. Not only do we get the healthy nutrients in the extract, but also our bodies are able to hold more – it’s like a Power-Up!

Another benefit from Green Tea Extract is increased metabolism, and therefore, weight loss. Green Tea DOES have caffeine, and you might be inclined to think that’s what raises the rate of metabolism, and gives more energy. However, a study was done where the same amount of caffeine as is found in Green Tea was introduced to the body. The result was that the heart rate increased, but the metabolism did not; caffeine alone had a different effect. In fact, studies have shown that Green Tea Extract raises the metabolism, but NOT the heart rate, which makes it safer than some other herbal weight loss supplements.

Here is an expanded list of benefits for Green Tea Extract:

• Philippines Medical Study showed positive results in its ability to treat acne
• It stimulates the immune system and even fights dental plaque.
• It contains ECGC, a powerful type of anti-oxidant approximately 200 times more potent than Vitamin E
• Has been shown to fight cancer, and even protect against liver damage

How Do You Get it?
If you’ve been thinking about taking Green Tea Extract, it’s important that you educate yourself about all of the health risks. For example, the caffeine can have an adverse effect on some people – so it is ALWAYS necessary for you to consult a professional before you start any serious change in diet.

Once you have all the facts, you’ve spoken to your Doctor or other professional, and you choose to start taking it, it’s very easy to find. Almost any Vitamin store or drug store will have it in stock. Remember, Green Tea Extract won’t always be sold in the same way. Different companies might mix it, or include other vitamins, herbs, chemicals, etc…. So don’t just buy the first bottle you see with "Green Tea Extract" written on it. Read the label, and do your homework. Be smart. Be safe. Be well.

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