Elegant Antique Tea Sets And Ceramic Tea Pots To Serve Tea

Tea, for years has always been an exotic drink to refresh the mind and body after a hard day’s work or whenever you feel like you want to relax your mind and gather a bit of energy and regain your spirits, tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water; it is also known to detoxify poison and has been used as a medicine. With the origin of tea the art of serving it properly has always been of utmost importance which on one hand makes you feel more refreshing and on the other hand captures the flavor and smell of the brew for a much longer time. In many countries, tea has been merely a drink that you can make in any old mug and serve it simply. The proper setting to enjoy the tea is by setting a pretty table that your guests can enjoy include china cups and saucers if possible. Tea always comes from a pot, brought to the table on a tray along with sugar, a sugar holder, a milk pitcher, tongs for sugar cubes, a napkin, a spoon, a saucer, and – of course - a cup.

The Tetsubin teapot is a Japanese antique tea set made from cast iron. The Tetsubin teapot is a beautiful reflection of the Japanese culture and history. A typical Tetsubin teapot has a geometric, organic or animal pattern decoration on the side where its spout faces your right. This is because the pot is held in the left hand in Chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony. Its design is thought to have been influenced by the kettles of the common Japanese households of the 17th and 18th centuries. These kettles were simple in design and undecorated. They were typically hung on the fireplace hearth to provide hot water, warmth and humidity to a household; they were extremely practical pieces of kitchenware.

A ceramic teapot is a charming addition to any kitchen. While the appearance of a ceramic teapot may look simple, the actual work into the design can be quite elaborate but not with loud decorations. The teapot should also not be too delicate for use, or too heavy to lift. The structure of a ceramic teapot is a precise art in balance, both in its structure and its appearance.

A ceramic teapot should ideally be well-balanced, with the body of the ceramic teapot should not be too tall or wide. The bottom should allow the ceramic teapot to sit in a stable position. A spout must be long enough and angled correctly to ensure that does not dribble when tea is poured and has a lid that fits firmly in its hole, even when being poured. The teapot should also not be too delicate for use, or too heavy to lift. The handle of a ceramic teapot should be strong and ergonomically designed. The handle should be designed as thus to allow the handle to support the weight of both the tea and body when the ceramic teapot is in the pouring position.

A ceramic teapot should be able to pour tea in an elegant and graceful manner. Its appearance should also reflect its elegance. The walls of the ceramic teapot body should also be balanced. Thin walls will break, while thick walls will add unnecessary weight to the pot.

Antique tea sets and teapots are typically very expensive, so you have to have prepared to spend some handsome money. Of course, it is possible to buy antique or collectible tea items at wholesale prices, but the trick is knowing where and how to look for. Some people think that eBay is the actual online auctions for good pricing of antique tea seta and tea pots. You have to do a long research work where to get the antique sets and collectible tea items at a much reasonable rate so it will be really nice and you can get lots of items you want to collect. Also while buying things online you’ve got to choose the items from the category very carefully cause these antique items are for the very precious tea refreshing your mornings and afternoons.

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