Dragon Well Tea

I visited the Dragon Well Tea plantation in November 2007 and was amazed at the care taken of this famous tea from the initial planting, plucking, turning, pan drying to packaging.

After the tea is picked (by hand, of course) at Dragon Well, it is pan dried which sounds simple but requires skill as the temperature must be maintained that will have the best results for the size, tenderness and volume of the tea leaves. Here the tea is graded into six levels. The tea leaves here are broad and flat due to the drying process. This gives the tea it's special flavor and Dragon Well is one of the best of Chinese green teas. It is said that the tea is famous for its 'four wonders' - the emerald green color, its aromatic flavor, sweet taste and beautiful apearance. It has a high nutritional value and people in China drink it to improve their health as well as enjoy it's flavor and aroma. When it is properly brewed (and of course ours was!), it is a light green colour and has a delicate herby flavor that is also somewhat tangy. The boiling water is left to cool to the correct temperature (around 75 degrees celsius) as this will not destroy the natural chlorophyl in the tea. Please do not buy Dargon well tea bags as they are probably of inferior quality as the plantation is all about how the leaves are picked and when and I didn't see one teabag in use...

When the tea tasting was over and most of us had purchased some Dragon Well loose tea, we went on to look around and also visit the store. Here I bought two shoulder cushions which were filled with the fragrant tea. They were very reasonable and I used them on the plane on the way home to help me sleep.

On the way down towards the lake, you could see that quite a few of the houses in the Dragon Well village are open as small tea shops where you can sit outside in the garden and enjoy the spectacular views with your cup of Dragon Well tea. Our guide told us that it was quite common for city people to come here and enjoy their tea and the scenery after the hectic pace of the city. The village certainly looked very attractive.

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