Black Tea-healthy Beverage For Young And Adults

Tea is one of the most common beverages that accompany us in our daily activities. One sip of the drink relaxes us out of all tension and worries and helps us breathe an air of relaxation. One of the most commonly used varieties of tea consumed across the globe is black tea. The beverage is predominantly found in India, Sri Lanka and other South East Asian countries. It is believed that the tea originated in China and later it was introduced to Western Europe by Turkish traders. On the basis of geographical locations, black tea can be categorized as Chinese Black Tea, Indian Black tea and others. While the Chinese variety has its unique smoky flavors, its Indian counterparts are strikingly aromatic. Other varieties include Sumatra tea, Kenyan and Vietnamese varieties.

Black Tea is generally sweet in taste and often the same is cultivated by using natural softener and additives. Sometimes the tea is broken intentionally so as to improve the processing. The broken tea is rich in caffeine and makes a delicious connoisseur when brewed with cold milk and sugar cubes. In this connection it may be mentioned that broken tea differs greatly from tea dust available in tea bags. Tea dust is byproducts of tea, better known as fanning which are left over at the time of production. These fanning are packaged in tea bags and used commercially. However, unlike broken tea, fanning is coarse, have a strong flavor and do not taste sweet.
A typical black tea leaf is made out of Chamellia Sinensis just like its counterparts. However unlike other varieties like green and Oolong tea, the tea is less oxidized. Due to this, black tea can retain most of its natural properties and improves the health of its consumer. Recent studies claim that black tea is capable of preventing most cardio vascular diseases especially those which affect coronary arteries. The beverage is particularly recommended to heart patients and those having asthmatic troubles. Black
Tea is generally composed of methylxanthine which works directly on central nervous system, relaxes the muscles of lungs and stimulates the heart. Moreover, black tea contains anti-oxidant properties which are highly beneficial to health. In fact, of the tea types which can be categorized under the group of Chamellia Sinensis contain polyphenols which is a strong anti-oxidant.
Apart from the benefits mentioned above, black tea is of paramount importance when it comes to getting relief from busy schedule. Black tea is often consumed to combat stress of daily life. Caffeinated tea actually penetrates and acts on the stress hormones cortisol that circulates through blood. It is an active stress buster and acts as a convenient source of relaxation for busy professionals.

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