About Earl Grey And Some Of World s Leading Earl Grey Teas

Capt Picard, Batman and Winnie the Pooh s friend Piglet all drink Earl Grey. But despite being the world s most popular flavored tea, most fans know little about Earl Grey.

As British Prime Minster from 1830 to 1834, Earl Charles Grey is credited with developing the beverage that bears his name. Earl Grey, according to lore, received it as a gift when his envoy saved a Chinese official s son from drowning.

Earl Grey is black tea flavored with bergamot oil. The oil has a citrus flavor, similar to orange blossoms. The oil is extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange, a small pear shaped sour orange cultivated today mostly in southern Italy.

Earl Grey used to only be black tea. Now, Earl Grey applies to green or white teas and describes any flavored with bergamot oil. Many outstanding Earl Greys are unfamiliar to tea drinkers.

Traditionally, Earl Grey is sweetened with sugar or honey. Then, a slice of lemon is squeezed into the tea. However, most Americans add milk. It is not necessary to just brew with loose, tea bags can be used. The most important part is to start with a tea company with a reputation for quality.

Dilmah Tea of Sri Lanka is unfamiliar to most in the US. Dilmah offers a Traditional Earl Grey which is a must taste for serious Earl Grey fans. Dilmah Traditional Earl Grey is finely scented, well balanced and brews a rosewood color. Tasting Dilmah Traditional Earl Grey gives such flavors as florals, marzipan and sweet Christmas spices. Dilmah offers Earl Grey in bags and loose.

Barry s Tea of Ireland produces an Earl Grey that starts with high quality black tea. Americans are fond of Irish tea and most will really enjoy this Earl Grey. Barry s offers Earl Grey in a 50 bag box.

Also from Ireland, Bewley s Tea offers Earl Grey in individually wrapped bags. The Bewley s Earl Grey wrapped bags are perfect to put in a briefcase and have when the mood strikes.

Kusmi Tea (also known as Kousmichoff) offers distinct varieties and flavors. Kusmi dates to 1867 Russia and produces an Earl Grey Smoky. Kusmi smokes a black tea and adds bergamot oil. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, make sure to try this unique Earl Grey. Kusmi offers Earl Grey in a 20 bag box and 4.4 ounces of loose. Kusmi Earl Grey Smoky is available in a 20 bag box as well as 4.4 and 8.8 ounces of loose.

Whittard Tea, from England, makes a Green Earl Grey. Try Whittard Earl Grey if you once tried and didn t like green teas. You may find this Whittard item to be among the best flavored greens available today. Whittard also offers a traditional Earl Grey. Whittard Earl Grey are available in a 50 bag box.

Williamson Tea, of England, offers a strong and full bodied Earl Grey. Williamson Earl Grey is an award winning tea having won a 3 star award from the International Taste and Quality Institute. Williamson offers Earl Grey in bags and loose.

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