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For many years, a person who wanted a good cup of coffee, but only one, had many methods for making it. If they wanted it to be really easy they bought a packet that had a one cup serving of coffee, put it in the brewer and waited for it to be ready to drink. Now that same convenience is available for tea drinkers. You can by a tea pod with the exact right proportion of tea sealed in a pod and ready to be put into your pod brewer. This is probably the quickest way to make gourmet tea. You can have a cup ready to drink in half a minute and because the pods are sealed they remain fresh.

The only problem is that sometimes the tea pod made by one company will not fit in the pod brewer made by a different company. This can be handled one of two ways. Either make sure that the tea you prefer is available through the company that makes the brewer you like best or buy the tea packets that say on the package that they are compatible with a variety of brewers. Check to be sure your brewer is listed. Some of the companies that make the pods have a little device they will sell you that will make them compatible with just about every pod brewer you can buy. If you are also a coffee drinker you can buy brewers that can use pods for both tea and coffee.

Although a somewhat more expensive way to buy tea these pods are catching on. An average price is five dollars for a tin of thirty pods. This is for a variety of types of tea including your old standbys like Earl Grey, other black teas and green tea as well as a variety of herbal teas. The tea pod brewers cost anywhere from two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars. But, for many who are looking for speed and convenience with little mess to clean up, this is the way to go when making tea.

Not all retail outlets will carry the pods, so you may have to do some checking around town before you find a store that will carry what you need. Health food stores, as well as specialty supermarkets are good places to begin your search. Should you have no luck finding what you need locally, then log onto the Internet. There are a number of online stores that will provide you with a wide variety of teas available in pods, as well as quick shipping and handling.

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