A Season To Drink Teas

There is a right season to each activity in life, and this is the master rule of Nature that no living creature can escape. Teas are no different and in many ways, we can learn from this simple reflection of this natural principle of the universe. In the Tea Culture, some traditions have developed as far as the many relations to the numerous crops quality, health benefits, taste, and the actual properties from the different Teas. All these elements can produce a different effect in our lives that can be quite revealing depending on which Teas one drink at one specific time.

For example, Black teas or Red teas, are considered " warm" teas , Green is considered " cool" , and this is following one old classification in Chinese medicine about hot foods and cold foods properties.

In the summer months, the body needs to cool off, so Green teas and Oolong are highly recommended to compensate the heat. Green teas not only have many cooling properties , as well as polyphenols that are great to protect the body in months when our energy , qy, is drained therefore lowering our immunities to the various virus and illnesses.

In the winter months, is the opposite cycle and the body needs heat , when Black Teas and Puehr is recommended again for all their medicinal and warmth properties. In the case of Puerh , there is also the added benefit that it helps to break down fat from the usual "winter foods" that are heavier and fattening. It also has the ability to assist the liver in breaking down substances that may clog the blood vessels, and therefore reducing the cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Women during their monthly especial season should drink flower tea, which helps the body to regain its balance and internal flow of fluids that will provide them with a higher relief from all the discomforts and pain.

Teas are grown in different regions, in different soils and at different times. There is no such a thing as the best Tea, and it is up to us to try out different selections and to discover which ones are the best for our individual taste and metabolism. For example, Green Teas have hundreds of types like fresh Long Jin, the great Mao Feng, Bi Lo Chun, all with very unique and specific properties that we can enjoy. Oolong likewise, the famous Jie Guan Yin , the very sweet Nai Xiang and the Jin Xuan with its fresh aroma and palate.

Therefore, every individual must follow the natural course of each season, and consume the nutrients that are adequate for that specific time and of course geographical place. Nature knows best and it does produce all that we need around us, and at the right season.

Just look around you, and seek this natural connection. Pure Teas are indeed a great start.

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