Your Guide To Buying Coffee Equipment

As well as a basic straightforward espresso machine, there are lots of pieces of ancillary equipment that you can buy to help you produce the very best coffee possible. Buying these useful items online has huge advantages: it can save you lots of time, you can easily find the very best deals and you can have the equipment delivered directly to your door. So what sort of extra equipment will you need to consider?

Espresso machines: These come in all shapes, sizes and finishes, so make sure you compare web sites to find the most suitable machine for your business. Try and get an espresso machine that offers a good warranty as this will cover you for the first year or so if anything goes wrong.

Grinders: When you buy your coffee beans, they will probably come already roasted - the next stage is to grind them. Getting a decent coffee grinder is vital for producing good-quality coffee; if the beans are too finely ground or too coarsely ground the flavour of the coffee can be greatly impaired. If possible, look for a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder, as this produces much more evenly ground coffee. It is also recommended that you replace your grinder regularly, so it is a good idea to shop around and find the best price.

Cups: There are lots of different types and sizes of coffee cups, including small espresso cups, latte mugs and latte glasses. Many online companies will personalise your cups for you- so you could brand them with your company’s name, for example.

Extras: As well as the larger items above, you will probably need consumables such as napkins, paper cups, and so on. Some websites sell packages containing many of these items, so you may be able to find a better deal if you buy these items together.

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