Why Fair Trade Organic Coffee?

=================================================== Written By: Amy Dalton Coffee is the worlds second largest traded food commodity. However, because of the demand traditional coffee is sprayed with DDT, as well as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides which we know to be hazardous to our health and the environment. So the folks that demand organic coffee are in fact health conscious consumers. Now as I said above, coffee is a high demand product, number two on the food commodity list tells the huge demand. However, the people that produce our coffee have been abused for years. We have been paying tiny amounts of money for their labors. Realize that most of the coffee you drink is HAND PICKED by poor coffee farmers in distant lands. These folks until now had little or no health care, and most of them weren?t even able to send their children to school. So the coffee trade had been a repetitive cycle in their lives, since they were able to do little or nothing else. Times have changed, with the Fair Trade movement these folks are getting their Fair Share of payment. However, you have to purchase Fair Trade certified coffee products in order to insure that a fair price was paid for the coffee beans we all love so much. In essence, what more could you ask for?a healthy cup of coffee for you to enjoy, and knowing you made the world a better place by purchasing coffee that was paid for in a fair and just manner. Good for you, now go enjoy that steaming cup of coffee with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart for making such a difference!

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