Understanding Different Coffee Roasts

All coffee beans are roasted; this is what brings out the distinctive taste of each type of bean. Roasting emulsifies and caramelises the fats, starches and sugar found within the beans to create and release the coffee oil and give a certain flavor. The country of origin is also a factor in flavor.

The darkest roast is Spanish. This coffee will be nearly black with charcoal undertones to the flat taste. Italian, Dark French Roast is also a strong dark coffee with an almost burned flavor. French Espresso is a little lighter; the beans oily. Acidic undertones characterise this coffee that is often used for espresso coffee. Full City is another roast type with beans that are a medium to dark brown. It has caramel/chocolate undertones.

City, Medium is popular is western parts of the USA. The colour is dark, though not as dark as Full City. America Light uses light brown beans and is found in the eastern parts of the USA where is used for professional tasting. New England roast is also common in the east of US. It uses light brown beans and has an acidic taste. Even more acidic is the Cinnamon Roast that has a bready flavor and not much body.

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