Quality Coffee In Your Coffee Shop

Let's face it, espresso is not your best selling drink. But, it is probably your most important drink if you take coffee serious in your shop. The espresso is the foundation of your drinks and it's your job as a manager or owner to ensure that you serve the best coffee possible.

Quality is extremely important. Having customers come back for your coffee is the key to success. And you will only get these people back in your shop if you serve them in a professional matter and with great products, in this case coffee. You know that you are doing a good job when you see someone for the second time (if they look happy).

So how do you ensure that you serve great coffee all the time?

Training. That is probably the most important aspect. With training comes motivation as well. If you have trained and motivated staff then your customers will get great coffee served with a smile, and that smile is just as important. The problem nowadays is to find enthusiastic staff, so everybody says. Well, it is up to the manager to make sure that the staff get motivated and enthusiastic in being a barista. If you train your staff in a fun and motivating way then you can probably get everybody in your coffee shop exited about coffee. And face it, if someone is truly not interested then they shouldn't be working in your shop!

Motivate your staff with in-house competitions, you can set up competitions for latte art for example. Or a speed competition, where your staff get timed to produce 2 caffe latte's. These are just two simple ways to motivate your staff in to coffee.

It might take some time and effort but it will be very beneficial to your business. Realise that it's hard to find a good espresso on the high street. If you serve that rare good espresso than you will get yourself a reputation of a good coffee house. Reputation takes a little time to build but if you do it well, then you will get so much back for it.

You might miss a few things here like a good coffee supplier. But I disagree. If you have staff that know their coffee than you will end up with a good coffee supplier automatically. Your staff should know after their training where the problem (if there is any) lies: barista skills, ingredients or equipment. Listen to your customers and to your staff and you should end up with the right coffee beans and the right equipment.

Stick to a few basic but very important rules:

- have your staff and yourself trained by professionals, and review the skills from time to time
- use fresh beans, fresh coffee ground, fresh milk and fresh coffee
- give one person the responsibility for the quality of the coffee, you need this to ensure that the standards don't drop

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