Luxurious Coffee Made From Home Roasted Beans

Roasting coffee beans is not as difficult as you may think. The results will can be as tasty as what you get from the coffee shop.

The first thing you need is something to roast the beans in. this can be a roaster but it can also be a popcorn popper or a frying pan. Whatever equipment you choose to use you want to be sure that it is very clean. If you are using a popper or a pan, be sure that there is no leftover residue from something else you've made in them.

You want to get high quality beans. If you are looking for a little bit less caffeine wise, you will want to go with dark roasts. However, if you enjoy the acid taste, you want to go with lighter roasts.

First you will want to heat the beans between 460F (223C)and 530F (262C). Turn on the exhaust fan over your stove to take care of the smoke that is sure to come. There will also be an odor so when you begin roasting, it is a good idea to open the windows.

Place the beans in the roaster and turn the heat to the appropriate temperature. If you have a super sensitive smoke alarm, you will want to disconnect it, just while you are roasting of course.

Dome roasters have a thermometer but if you are not using a roaster, or if you want an extra one, use a candy making thermometer to check the temperature.

The beans will turn from green to yellow and eventually brown. You should roast the beans to the temp that you want. The color you roast your beans to is up to you.

The beans will have pressure applied to them from the oil and water. As this begins to occur you will hear cracking noises. This is normal. Stir the beans about every thirty seconds. This will begin after about four to seven minutes of roasting.

As the roasting continues, the sugars will begin to caramelize. Watch the bean and wait for the color of roasting that you want to appear.

If you roast the beans long enough you will probably hear another pop. This means that the beans are pretty dark and for some people, overdone. It is time to stop roasting. If you continue you will end up with brunt beans.

Pour the beans in a metal colander and let them cool. Once they are cool you should shake the beans. The roasting process will chaff the beans and there will be a fine skin on them. By agitating them the skin will fall off. Using a mesh screen can help this process.

Finding out what the best level of roasting is will take some time. You should experiment with the process and find out what is best for you. If you find that the beans are too strong for your taste, try under roasting them a little. The beans will continue to cook after you turn off the heat.

If you are using a popcorn popper, you want to use one that lets you stir the beans and move them around. If you are using a cast iron skillet, watch carefully and stir often.

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