Invaluable Tips for Unique Coffee Blends

One benefit of drinking a beverage that is both historic and international is the variety of ways you can enjoy it, which is one of the reasons coffee has become so popular today. Just go to a local coffee shop and look at the menu. The flavors, blends and combinations are endless. The Caribbean, Mexican mocha and Cuban cubano are just a few of the many you might find.

The Caribbean is an unusual recipe, but worth the try. Bake a coconut for approximately thirty minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, remove the coconut and allow it to cool. Once cool, crack open the shell and remove the grate and flesh inside. Mix and heat the coconut milk, meat and a half cup of cow's milk in a pan until it thickens after which you need to remove the granules of coconut which is best done by straining the mixture. Then, mix it with a cup of coffee and enjoy.

The Mexican mocha is a tasty blend of chocolate and coffee, as with any mocha. Add a teaspoon of chocolate syrup and a quarter teaspoon each of nutmeg and cinnamon to a cup of coffee, as well as white sugar to your individual likeness. For an extra bonus, you can add some whipping cream on top, or even mix it in.

The Cuban cubano is enjoyed like tequila. Take it straight and like a shot. Some may prefer to dilute the drink with some hot milk or rum, but adding any more than a tablespoon of milk will ruin the invaluable taste of the cubano drink itself. Go ahead and add rum to taste.

Some other international drinks to enjoy are Turkish, Vietnamese and Viennese.

To make the Viennese, melt an eighth cup of dark chocolate into a sauce pan and stir in a tablespoon of light cream. Once blended, sprinkle some cocoa and cinnamon across the top and enjoy.

Now, the Turkish is a fairly easy recipe, but you will certainly benefit from finding a dzezva pot in which to boil the coffee. Yes, you will need to boil it. Turkish coffee has a very strong flavor. Begin with some finely ground Turkish coffee. Pour one cup water into the dzezva and bring to a boil after adding a half teaspoon of sugar to the pot. Once it reaches a boiling point, remove it from the heat and add one teaspoon of the Turkish coffee. Stir, place it back on the heat and then remove it after you see a layer of foam. Once it has cooled and settled, drink up and enjoy this robust, delicious blend.

The Vietnam is one chilled coffee you do not want to miss. Once you find a Vietnamese coffee press, you are on easy street as that is the challenging part. Now, place the grounds into the press, pour one tablespoon of condensed milk into the bottom of your cup. Pour boiling water over the press. Let it drip, then stir and add ice.

Besides trying out these recipes, your other option is to just travel the world and let the local baristas do the work. Otherwise, it is up to you to use your own your own espresso maker!

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