Creativity Of One Cup Coffee Makers

It is often said that coffee addicts always drink there coffee straight. However, most of the times this is not the case as coffee has more blends and flavoring than wine. So, cast off all your confines and enjoy nature's gift with 101 different ways.

All one cup coffee makers and coffee machines seem to have an inexhaustible amount of creativity. One particular blender had made a unique Indonesian blend by combining Sumatran and Papua New Guinea beans. From this unique blend, not only do we get to know that the blend is a delicious full body brew, but also that coffee was grown in Papua New Guinea.

Out of all the Indonesian coffee beans, the Sumatran coffee beans can be used for making many different kinds of blends. Making a fifty-fifty mixture of Sumatran coffee beans and Columbian Patron can make a perfect blend. This blend is a tasty, smoky dark roast that results in a perfect blend.

Another exciting treat about coffee blends are their flavorings. By adding different flavors like vanilla, almond and cherry to Brazilian coffee, you can easily sweeten the brew and soften the acid present in it. You can even bring an ordinary cup of coffee to the level of a decent cup by just adding a banana or hazelnut flavoring. One truly international breakthrough is the Tahitian vanilla latte.

If you are making the Mocha then you will have a wide variety of chocolates to match the flavor of the coffee bean. You can easily enhance a foreign blend by adding melted dark chocolate and stirring it well in the Yemeni. You can try out an American roast with a bit of Ghiradelli milk chocolate on those when you would prefer a lighter coffee.

Coffee is quite a delightful drink because there are endless variations of what you can do with it. These variations are not limited to just the beans, flavorings or roast. You can also use different kinds of liqueur and liquor to spice up your cup of coffee.

You can add desert pears, brown sugar and a hearty helping of rum to a full-bodied Jamaican that can serve as a solid base. To make things more interesting you can add apricots in place of pears and brandy in place of rum. For those who like getting intoxicated and stay sober with the same drink, the Amaretto's sweetness makes a delicious counterpoint to the Costa Rican blend.

One traditional favorite of those who like their coffee cut are cocoa and coffee. However, this doesn't mean that you will have limited choices. Mexican coffee and cocoa beans can be partnered up and make a delightful treat for summer or winter. No matter how you take it, hot or cold, it is always a tasty treat to have.

Most trendsetters of coffee confection don't stop there and often tend to go an extra mile. One coffee drink that has been served by the daring innovators is the frozen cappuccino. On a warm day the frozen cappuccino will wake any sleepy head. If you want to spice up your coffee then just add chocolate mint flavoring to it.

A poor quality bean can often be understood with the nutty flavor that is present in it. However, you can be a bit of an adventurer and try the Macadamia coffee. You can try it with or without chocolate. There have been many instances where raspberry and coconut additions have also been tried but it is always better to work up to it mainly because your cup of Joe should still taste like coffee.

In the end don't start complaining about your regular cup of Joe. When you leave the world of purism, there are always certain risks that come with it.

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