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Coffee Recipes

If you love your cup of java then you love to try some foods that use coffee as an ingredient.

Usually coffee is used in dessert, but it isn’t just used for sweet foods. Coffee is also used in sauces for meat, in spicy chili, and even for certain kinds of pot roasts.

Grinding your own beans or buying them freshly ground is the best way to ensure that your coffee flavors will come out well in your food. Use filtered water in your coffee maker brew your coffee right before cooking to make sure it is the freshest it can be. You should also be aware then when using coffee to cook, it is usually prepared a lot stronger than how you would drink it. Here’s some great recipes to try in your kitchen.

Meatloaf Sauce with Coffee

Outside of Australia this traditional sauce is gaining popularity. It’s delicious and simple. Start by adding a tablespoon of instant coffee to ¼ cup of filtered water, ½ cup of ketchup, and ¼ cup of dry red wine, add some Worcestershire sauce to taste, two tablespoons of vinegar, a spoonful of margarine, and finally two tablespoons of lemon juice and a hint of brown sugar.

Let your meat cook for 30 minutes before adding the sauce and then add your sauce and cook for 45 more minutes at 190C or 375F.

Espresso Flavored Brownies

For the chocolate and coffee lover, this is the best recipe out there!

In a sauce pan combine a cup of sugar, ¼ teaspoon salt, and a stick and half of buttern and heat. Now add a teaspoon of vanilla, four ounces of chopped up semi-sweet chocolate, and stir entire mixture until its melted. You can now add a tablespoon of your favorite ground dark-roast or you can add two teaspoons of espresso granules for an interesting change.

Now that it’s all mixed up then pour it into a bowl to allow it to cool. Add three eggs while the mixture is still warm and a cup of flour. Pour the whole thing into a baking pan and bake for 30 minutes.

Black Russian Cake

Using a store-bought dark chocolate cake mix you can add one cup of veggie oil, one packaged of instant pudding (chocolate of course), four eggs, ½ cup crème de cacao, and for the final touch add Russian coffee. Use 1 oz of vodka, ½ oz of Kahlua, and 5 oz of hot black coffee to make this mixture.

Beat all the ingredients together and use a tube pan to bake at 350F or 177C for 45 minutes.

If you want to get creative try using coffee in all kinds of recipes from cookies to ice cream! Try Kahlua which is made from coffee to enhance all kinds of desserts.

Make your own coffee syrup using a cup of sugar and a cup of extra strength Colombian. Boil them together in a pan on the stove and let the sugar dissolve. Simmer at a lower temperature and then allow it to cool. A great treat over ice cream!

No matter what your favorite coffee machines are, give these inventive recipes a try!

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