The Happy Hour Drink

Cheap Drinks

If you are serious drinker that truly enjoys a good drunk binge, then you should find yourself in good company amongst your own kind at your local happy hour. This is because, its early afternoon midweek hours and bargain rates on well drinks, tap beer and cheap jug wines tends to attract more serious category of drunks, just like yourself.

The Perfect Cheap Date

Looking for a great place to take a cheap date? How about dinner and drinks at your local saloons happy hour? It all only makes too much sense. To begin with, the food is free and the drinks are cheap. Also, because happy hour begins in the afternoon, your date will be throughly drunk, loose and ready to go before the sun goes down.

A Few Things to Consider

There are a few things that you have to remember about happy hours though. The first thing, is that in general, the discounts don't apply to top shelf, higher quality name brand booze. Also, you have to buy a drink before you hit the free spaghetti and garlic bread at the buffet table. Also, don't forget to tip the bartender because even though the drinks and food are on special, he or she still has bills to pay when they get home.

Its High Time and Your Due

So loosen your tie and head on down to your local watering hole for their happy hour, because the fact that it is "happy hour" should be reason enough to get torked at 4:00 on a Tuesday afternoon. If your wife says anything when you get home just tell her that if the sign said sad hour, you wouldn't have pulled in.

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