War on Booze

Warrington council have declared war on alcohol abuse in the community and want to introduce a zero tolerance clampdown in certain areas.

Council chiefs are also considering whether to name and shame offenders.

A council leader said: "These are very practical steps to make a real difference to the way we tackle alcohol and anti-social behaviour in Warrington. Its time to get tough."

Ten proposals have been put forward for discussion, with plans for implementation in the Warrington community.

A code of conduct will be introduced on acceptable behaviour that aims to eradicate anti-social acts.

A new specialist-policing unit that will concentrate on improving the CCTV.

All bars, nightclubs and late-night food outlets, will have to sign a charter of behaviour agreeing to stick to certain guidelines.

All door staff working on licensed premises will have to participate in minimum training in conduct.

A new network of taxi marshals will also be introduced at taxi ranks, as this has shown to cut down on the number of violent incidents that occur.

The council also want police, trading standards, licensing, health, environmental health and fire officers sharing information on hotspot in Warrington.

Those in breach of the code of conduct will be named and shamed in public.

There are also plans to stop all vehicles from entering Lower Bridge Street. The possible closure would be between the hours of 10 o’clock at night until 5 in the morning.

Furthermore people are lobbying local Warrington MPs to introduce a new legislation on alcohol.

The legislation is based on stopping the sale and promotion of cheap alcohol. Cheap alcohol has been sited as one of the reason for anti-social behaviour and violence.

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