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About Us
Eyefit is an one-stop optical hub to satisfy and fulfill customers' eyewear needs, using an open-concept approach with the assistance of friendly and sincere staff.
We strongly believe in value-adding our services with sincerity and professionalism, with MOH/OOB(Optician and Optometrist Board)-approved eye care professionals to provide 'first line of defence' for eye care and eye check so as to properly detect possible eye diseases and manage them accordingly.

At Eyefit, we provide more than 1,000 optical frames and sunglasses, as well as MOH-approved contact lenses to cater to customer with different lifestyle. Our selection range from top designer brands to exclusive selection such as in-house brand manufactured with specialty material.

For sports enthusiasts who seek specialty prescribed lenses for your curved, avant-garde sunglasses, be it for hobbies or performance needs, our local lab had invested in a new, state-of-the-art, edging machine, thus reduces the waiting time from getting it done from overseas - which usually takes 2-3 months to be ready and send back to Singapore. This certainly improved both vision and aesthetic of our valued customers, not to mention, the saving of time and cost too.

We have dedicated eye care professionals to dispense contact lenses. As health awareness is growing among consumers, we also stock up high oxygen permeable lenses for extended wearers.

Highly customised specialty lenses such as progressive lenses, or multifocal lenses, are also prescribed here. For customers with active lifestyle or for cosmetic reason, we have contact lenses to improve vision for far, computer-distance and near.

Come down to our shop and engage our staff for a better vision care!
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