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#03-05 / 08 Coronation Shopping Plaza (since 1995)
587 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269707
Appointment : 6469-6286
sms : 9223-2800 GREAT FOR SKIN PROBLEM!!!

 Organic Skincare Products....

Hydra flora, Paris-  specially for young, youth and 
problem skin treatment.

1) helps regulate sebum production
2) eliminate dead cells, reduce pores size
3) anti-inflammation, kill acne bacterial
4) hydrates the skin Herbal Skin Care - advertisement write up in Sunday Papers (19th Feb 2012) - Quote:

Products with organic natural ingredients are growing in popularity because of increasing concerns and awareness about the health effects of synthetic chemicals.
About Us
The Professional Face & Body Centre, since 1989

Envy only provides the best service and ensures the best treatments just for you.

We have well-trained personnel who do not practice unethical sales tactics, you can be assured of relaxing and stress-free quality treatments, That is a Promised from Envy.

Envy have been delighting customers since 1989 with its Professional Salon Beauty Services approach for the past 23 years.

As you are special and unique, we make it our commitment to develop customised and personalised treatment for you. Using solutions that deal directly with the root of your beauty and health needs,
we assure effective results!

Envy Beauty has helped many clients, just like you, to achieve their dreams of having beautiful, youthful, glowing skin. Getting rejuvenated and radiant skin is possible, we promise!

It’s a matter of your commitment to undergo our customised personal treatment and our passion to professionally deliver it.

Our Principal Consultant, Ms Shirley Chong, who holds a Diet & Nutrition Diploma (CIBTAC, UK) will share with you how you can achieve a healthier lifestyle through proper diet & how a good nutritional program can add years to your life and give life to your years!

At Envy Beauty, its all about a holistic Beauty and Health treatment to achieve a therapeutic and uplifting experience


ENVY is proud to be awarded the 'Singapore Outstanding Enterprises 2011' presented by ACRA and we are honored to be a recipient of the '2010 Successful Entrepreneur' Platinum Category last year.

We are also one of the main sponsors for Miss Singapore Chinatown 2007 and we played a part as one of the sponsors for the International Women's Day 2011 organized by CozyCot.

Most recently our Company, Envy has been selected as honoured recipient of the prestigious 'Promising SME 500 2012 Award'

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You can be assured of an optimal beauty treatment with envy beauty to achieve beautiful radiant skin that gives off an illuminated glow!
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Why Organic Skincare?

Enviroment pollutants and stress are the main causes of skin allergies and fragility. Many traditional skin care uses chemicals that appear to approve skin condition in the short term. However, these chemicals will accumulate in the body and are difficult to eradicate.

According to figures provided by USA-non profitable environment orgaization EWG, a consumer uses an average of 10 skin care products per day. These skin care products contain up to 126 chemicals. Long term usage of these skin care products will result in premature ageing, lost of natural radiance and even diseases.

Therefore, choose organic products to protect yourself and the future generation!

How to choose Organic Skincare?

Under the influence of Hollywood celebrities, there have ben an influx of natural/organics products in the markt. How can you ensure that you are choosing the right skincare?

In France, advertising regulations forbid the claim to organic without relevant certification. We strongly recommend that you purchase skincare with certifications from recognized organic organization to safe guard your interest


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