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24hrs Expressway Free Towing Service
About Us

EMAS Vehicle Recovery Service (VRS). If your vehicle breaks down on the expressway roads in Singapore, call the LTA Hotline at 1800-2255 582 . LTA will send the recovery crew (within 15 minutes) to bring you and your vehicle to the nearest designated car park outside the expressway. The Towing service is FREE and available 24 hours a day. However, EMAS vehicle recovery service will not tow your vehicle to any workshop. EMAS VRS can only tow vehicles to the nearest designated car parks outside the expressways. You can then arrange for your own towing service.

Inform the officer of your location. The name of the expressway, the direclon of travel and any landmarks such as lamppost number "Km' mark. etc.

Note : You may be fined if your vehicle had to be towed from the expressway due to insufficient petrol/gas. It is an offence in Singapore to drive a vehicle with no petrol.

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