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At Dr H C Leong Dental Surgeon, we are dedicated to providing our customers with uncompromising quality dental care in a soothing environment. The way we do things reflects our commitment. We believe in delivering value and providing holistic solutions to our customers' oral health needs. Our clinic offers a comprehensive array of oral health care services.

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Our Services
At Dr H C Leong Dental Surgeon LLP, our core areas of dental services are surgical procedures, root canal treatment and restorative treatment. Our dental surgeon (dentist) offers a comprehensive range of oral health services to provide a holistic treatment plan and convenience to our patients.

Root Canal Therapy
What do you do when you have a toothache or tooth infection? Often the solution is a Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics). Our clinic is equipped to provide normal root canal therapy, surgical root canal therapy, treatment of gum infection arising from tooth infection. All procedures are done with the assistance of an operating microscope.

Oral Surgical Treatment
Surgical treatment includes dental extractions, surgical removal of teeth (eg wisdom teeth), placement of dental implants, Bone grafting and tissue grafting

Restorative Treatment
Even with the best of oral health care and oral hygiene and preventive strategies teeth are still subject to a lot of wear and sometimes need fixing. From fissure sealants to crowns and bridges we offer the full range of treatment options for your teeth.

We provide a comprehensive range of options for restoring damaged or missing teeth. From Fissure sealants to Tooth colored Fillings to Crowns, Bridges and Dentures.

Dental Aesthetic Treatment
The teeth are the window of the mouth. Want Whiter teeth, younger brighter smile? Find out how our aesthetic solutions can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Options available include: WhiteSmile In office Tooth Whitening, In Office Tooth whitening Glamsmile Remedent, Take Home whitening package, Ceramic veneers and Composite Resin veneers. As a service to our patients we also provide refill kits for take home whitening materials.

Emergency Dental Treatment
Dental pain has been described as the worst pain a person can experience and broken teeth cause social difficulties at awkward times. We have made it a point to respond swiftly to any patient who finds themselves in such situations any time, any day.

Pediatric /Children's Dental Treatment
Children have special oral health needs and need special care and a different approach from the dentist. With a private and homely environment and caring and friendly dental team members, children and parents will find a visit to our clinic inviting and calming.

Oral Health Assessment
Knowledge is power and good oral health is greatly enhanced by early detection of disease and early intervention. Come in for a Dental Examination and Consultation and have your questions answered. We provide you with information that empowers you to decide on the best ways to maintain and improve your oral health and wellbeing.

Oral Hygiene and Preventive Treatment
Oral Hygiene maintenance and Preventive Therapy is central to maintaining optimal oral health and is crucial to ensuring long term dental treatment success. Services in this group include Scaling and dental prophylaxis and Fluoride Therapy including provision of Custom made Fluoride/whitening trays

Oral Protective Devices
Sporting activities are an integral part of healthy lifestyle but can put your teeth at risk to injury. Many people also grind their teeth while asleep resulting in excessive tooth wear. We supply a full range of Sports mouth guards and Night guards.

Gum Treatment
Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in developed economies. Yet it is largely preventable and even when it has taken hold, treatable. With our range of services we seek to help you maintain good gum health. Treatment in this group includes root planning and gum surgery.

Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)
Who does not want straight teeth? Beyond aesthetic, being orthodontically challenged hinders our ability of speaking with clarity; smile with confidence and to maintain basic oral hygiene. Our clinic offers a range of options: clear aligners, fixed braces, retainers, removable braces to meet your needs.

Dental Anxiety Management
Everyone needs oral health care but many people suffer from some degree of dental anxiety, dental fear or dental phobia. We are committed to facilitating and enabling our anxious/fearful patients to cope with and overcome their condition.

We offer a choice of Oral Sedation, Intravenous (IV) sedation, General Anesthesia (GA) for patients who suffer from Dental Anxiety, Dental Fear or Dental Phobia or who have difficulty going through a course of treatment for whatever reason

Need to know what is happening in your mouth, your jaw? Need an x-ray to help plan an implant? We provide medical reports, Dental radiographic reports and our clinic is able to provide you with a Cone Beam CT scan of your mouth on CD with built-in viewing software.

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