Specializes in Thyroid, Head & Neck, Parotid & Melanoma Surgery
Dr Dennis Lim Dr Dennis Lim, Medical Director Dennis Lim Surgery Dennis Lim Surgery (Mount Elizabeth Hospital)
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Dennis Lim Surgery

Our centre at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore's prime district, is well-equipped with advanced technology, modern facilities and personalised services. At our centre, you will be well taken care of by our highly skilled and qualified personnel. Our dedicated staff will create a warm and personalized environment for you and will ensure that your visit with us is a pleasant one.

Dr Dennis Lim is a respected oncology surgeon who specializes in thyroid, head and neck, parotid and melanoma surgery. We specialises in;

  • Tongue & Oral Surgery
    Dedicated to the patients who are suffering from head and neck cancers, which include cancers of the throat, larynx, nose, sinuses, and mouth.
  • Thyroid Surgery
    Uses sophisticated tools to diagnose and treat thyroid cancer. We tailor your care to the type of thyroid disease you have and work with you to determine the best treatment approach.
  • Parotid Surgery
    Provides expert diagnosis on parotid growth to ascertain if its cancerous or not, and in turn come up with a treatment plan that may require parotid surgery on the tumor.
  • Melanoma Surgery
    Responsible for the care of patients requiring operative intervention for the treatment of skin cancer through developing a treatment plan that is custom fit to your unique clinical situation.
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Our Services

Services provided by Dennis Lim Surgery


  1. Evaluation of Head and Neck masses.
  2. Surgical management of malignant and benign thyroid diseases.
  3. Surgical treatment of hyperparathyroidism, including renal tertiary hyperparathyroidism.
  4. Management of Head and Neck Cancers.
  5. Treatment of salivary gland disease.


  1. Evaluation and surgical treatment of malignant melanoma, including sentinel lymph node biopsy, nodal basin dissection.
  2. Resection of retroperitoneal sarcomas.
  3. Open biopsy of deep seated lesions.
  4. Implantation of infusional devices, e.g. Port-A-CathR.
  5. Surgical palliation in selected patients.


  1. Surgery for Gallstone disease.
  2. Repair of hernias, inguinal and incisional type
  3. Management of hemorrhoids, medical and surgical options.
  4. Gastrointestinal endoscopies.
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