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About Us

Since 1993, we has been providing quality services, being in the forefront of air conditioning maintenance and troubleshooting. With a reliable team of well trained technicians and highly experienced engineers well versed in both electrical and mechanical engineering, we pride ourselves for being knowlegeable and adaptable.

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Products & Services

We provide a host of services for air conditioning, chillers and mechanical ventilation solutions

Installation, Servicing, Maintenance and Repairing of Air Conditioners

  • Wall mounted, Ceiling cassette, Ceiling suspended or Ceiling ducted
  • Packaged floor standing - Free blow or Ducted system (5hp to 40hp)
  • Refrigeration for small Chiller and Freezer Rooms for food storage

Chillers for sensitive Scientific Equipment

  • Electron transmission microscope
  • Scanning microscope
  • Process chillers for specific works

Chilled-water or condenser-water system for air conditioning

  • Small chilled-water system instead of air-cooled direct expansion system for air conditioning of homes, offices or institutions
  • Condenser-water system for water-cooled air conditioners

Mechanical ventilation and ducting system

  • Kitchen exhaust hood and during system
  • Lift motor room, lift lobbies, warehouse and toilets
  • Storage facilities, store room, battery room and telephone PABX rooms

SECOND OPINION regarding air conditioning matters

  • Checking and confirmation of breakdown in parts or systems
  • Troubleshooing of air conditioners with erratic performance
  • Designing and selection of different types of system for different purpose

Troubleshooting, Modifications or Temperature Controls

  • Toubleshooting of air-cooled or water-cooled Packaged air conditioners is our forte. Ducted or Free blow system, leave them to us.
  • Our expertise lies in the modifications and conversions of air-conditioning control systems involving wireless or wired controls, remotely or locally
  • Conversion of water-cooled to air-cooled system or vice-versa
  • Temperature or alternating controls with alert system for Server Rooms

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