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About Us

With increasing emphasis on extreme sports challenge, Sport Climbing is considered as one of the most popular fast growing extreme sports in Singapore. With our "Dare to Dream and Make it Happen" belief, Climbers Laboratory was formed in 2008 with latest climbing wall technology from Germany. Climbers Laboratory is one of the few Indoor Climbing gyms available in Singapore. We believe in making Sport Climbing fun and easy for anyone at any age to try and enjoy the vertical experience.

Products & Services
Programmes/Courses available:

Endorsed Sports Education Programmes:
  • Learn to Climb
  • Learn to Abseil
  • Junior Boulder
  • Junior Ascend
  • Sport Climbing Level 1
  • Sport Climbing Level 2
  • Abseil Level 1
  • Abseil Level 2

Special Needs Programmes:
  • Fun Bouldering
  • Fun Climbing
  • Climbing Enrichment
  • Basic Climbing

Sport climbing, bouldering
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If you haven't tried rock climbing and wish to have a sense of how its like to climb, look no further. Climbers' lab has stimulation environment such as walls to mimic the experience of climbing a real rock; except that you do this indoors. They have weekly promotion so check it out and bring your family or plan a unique rock climbing experience with your friends on the next outing!
They provide a safe and conducive climbing session at our very own indoor climbing gym.
For all those rugged nuggets out there, this is something new you can try in sg, with professionals at bay you don't have to be afraid to reach the top of that wall! An exercise you will have fun with!
One of the coolest things to do on a weekend is try Sports Climbing! With professional instructors at hand, it will be physical yet fun-filled.
a wonderful experience of rock climbing with friends and colleagues. Had lots of fun there and look forward to my next rock climbing lesson
Tuck inside Enterprise Hub is this adrenaline rush haven!!! I just love climbing in Enterprise Hub and Bouldering in Kallang! :) Lead climbing is best done in Enterprise Hub as Lines have fixed quick draws and dynamic ropes are readily available and (FREE) for climbers. This is great even for climbers traveling to SG. Compared with other gyms who still charge for such equipement rentals.
Spiderman fever hits singapore :-)
Comprehensive Sports program available
Climbers Lab has various Endorsed Sports Education Programmes, so there's something for everyone.
A good way of teambuilding