Our spacious classroom is painted with a bright shade of yellow. The color yellow is the color related to acquiring knowledge; resonating with the logic (left) side of the brain to stimulate one’s mental faculties and create mental agility and perception. It is meant to inspire originality and inquisitiveness, to nurture practical thinkers in our students. We encourage our students to participate actively in classroom discussions, which helps them to build confidence from an early age. Every student is given a fair opportunity to speak up to clarify doubts or express alternative solutions. Our students are taught to be self-learners and to come up with solutions first before they seek answers. They will learn how to “fish” for themselves, instead of relying on being “fed” by others. Students are able to fully concentrate on doing their work in a conducive and peaceful environment. When in doubt, our teachers are always at hand to assist students when they can’t find a solution to the problem. Students will have ample one-to-one interaction with the teachers. We have several other classrooms in our premises for different classes’ needs. The seats are arranged in such a manner so that students can have a clear view of the whiteboard and are able to hear the teacher speaking clearly, no matter where they are seated. Classrooms are fully-air-conditioned for the comfort of the students and teachers. The seats are arranged to be at the side of the classroom so that our teachers can have a clearer view of all the students' work while walking in between the aisle to check on them.
About Us
We are an established MOE registered Education Centre since 2001.

Our centre has many spacious and air-conditioned rooms to provide a conductive environment for activities and learning during student care and tuition hours.

Our programmes cater to pupils from K2 to primary 6 and Lower Secondary (English, Maths, Science & Chinese) from various primary schools.

Our teachers are current or ex- teachers who have served the Ministry of Education for many years. The materials are produced by the teachers and are updated constantly to match the latest MOE syllabus.

We also offer consultation and franchising opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to set up education centres.
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