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Chan Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Chan Chi Chin is a renowned and established aesthetic plastic surgeon with vast experience in the field of aesthetic surgery in Singapore.

He is a Member of the Singapore Association of Plastic Cosmetic Surgeons and is also a Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Specialist Registration in Plastic Surgery.

Nes Jea Need a botox 7 Nov 2013 14:00:17
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Need a botox treatment? How about some reconstruction surgery for your body or face? Visit them today for an appointment.
Surgeries include both cosmetic and non cosmetic surgeries such as facial reconstruction and botox treatment.
They offer cosmetic surgeries to help make you feel better on the inside and outside.Call them today for an appointment.
They have non-surgical aesthetic procedures, with no down time.
Did a body Liposuction recently at chan plastic surgery, it help me to gain my self confident
Docor is very experience