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Products & Services
Aesthetics Procedures (Surgery)
  • Upper and Lower Eyelid (Eyebag)
  • Chin, Nose Reshaping, Augmentation and Reduction
  • Face, Forehead, Eyebrow, Neck Lifts
  • Ear Deformity Correction, eg. Batears (Otoplasty)


  • Augmentation (Implantation) / Reduction
  • Areola / Nipple Reduction
  • Axillary Breasts Removal
  • Gyneacomastia (Male)
Body & Face Contouring
  • Liposuction (Face and Body)
  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
  • Fat Injection (Graft)

Skin Lesions Removal

  • Mole
  • Age Spots
  • All Types of Cysts
  • Others (eg. Skin Cancer Lesions, Warts)
Non-Surgical Aesthetics Procedures (With No Down-Time)
Botox Treatment
  • Dynamic Lines (Wrinkles)
  • Fine Wrinkles / Lines (Microbotox)
  • Excessive Sweating and Body Odour
  • Square Jaws Reuction, Calf Reduction
  • Aging Neck Bands (Plastysmal Bands)


  • Tattoos Removal (Brows, Eyeliner, Body Tattoos)
  • Removal of unwanted Facial / Body Pigmentation)
  • Improvement of firmness, texture and uneven skintone
  • Reduce fat without surgery


  • Facial Grooves, Lines, Depression and etc.
  • Acne and Facial Scars
  • Lips Enhancement

Medical Scientific Skincare

  • Medical Grade Skincare and Products
  • Face & Body Hair Removal
  • Improvement of complexion and texture
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