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HEATEX fabrics are tightly woven, compact, soft and flexible with high tensile strength to weight ratios, incombustible, mildew resistant and provide excellent heat protection. When exposed to heat, it neither emits flame nor toxic products. HEATEX fiberglass fabrics resist most acids, alkalis and solvents except hydrofluoric acid. HEATEX fabrics are applicable to all thermal insulation, heat protection and energy conservation. This includes removable insulation pads, pillows, jacketing, acoustical, flange, expansion joints, lagging, fire curtains, fire blankets, welding blankets and safety shields.
Industries include construction, power plants, basic metals industries, ship-building, chemical processing plants, petroleum refineries and safety industries.

HEATEX non-asbestos rope has many excellent capabilities that made it an ideal replacement of asbestos. It will not shrink or swell in service and is completely incombustible.

Our Heatex Tapes come in various thickness and width to meet customers need. All Heatex Tapes are applicable to thermal insulation protection and energy conservation.

Fire Blankets, Welding Screens, Welding Blankets, Aluminized Aprons, Aluminized Jackets, Aluminized Sleeves, High-Temp Gloves/Mittens, Aluminized Leather Palm Gloves/Mittens, Aluminized Shoe Covers

HEATEX heat insulation jacketing or blanket is flexible, removal and reusable. It can be for indoor or outdoor application.
We will design and fabricated according to dimensions and temperature rating to fit in variety of equipment in various industries which require periodic maintenance. This includes Instrumentation, Machineries, Valves, Flanges, Elbows, Tees, Pumps, Engine exhaust manifold and Piping systems.Application includes conserves energy by reducing barrel heat loss, heat up time, chemically resistance, waterproofing and provides personnel protection from risk of burns.
We ha ve a wide range of materials that can be suitable for complete satisfaction.

Materials: HEATEX Fabrics, Tapes, Ropes, Mat, Wools and accessories.