Products & Services

1. NaCl is the chemical equation of sodium chloride, which in common terms, also known as saline. Saline is frequently use for medical purposes to replenish water loss by body. Using very advance technique of Electrophoresis Microinjection (EPMI), saline is very effectively introduced deep into your skin cells, which will yield maximum optimum results.

2. EPMI is not injection as per using syringes. EPMI is a highly advanced technology that penetrates into your skin cells through the stimulation of ions, then using Pulsed Current to instantly unlock the skin cell membrane to allow saline to penetrate effectively. Saline can then work wonders with your skin, the most important benefit being the ability to stimulate fibroblasts to remodel new collagen naturally! All these benefits at no pain!

3. Time Machine is one of the most advanced computerized facial treatments. Using the latest technology, women can now regain youth using the Time Machine.

4. Skin Remedy System (SRS) Exclusively @ Bionn

5. Advance Skin Machines & Latest Technology

Our machines are specially manufactured to cater to Asian skin so as to deliver optimum & safe results. These machines like the Multi Beam-Light machines are exclusive to only Bionn International and they can effectively treat acne, acne scar, pigmentation, and wrinkle & hair removal.

6. Acne Photo Therapy (APT)

7. UV Computerised Deep Skin Analysis

8. World Patented Treatment

Papain Enzyme Skin Renewal Treatment

Specialized Golden Treatments

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