About Us
At some point in our lives we have all looked deep into our bathroom mirrors and wished that a particular part of our body was tighter, firmer, smaller or even bigger. Painting a mental picture of our ideal image is common today and not just for those subject to the media spotlight. With that in mind, highly respected Dr. Rohan Mendis, could be considered, a true artist, a visionary with the skills and the tools required to help you achieve the perfect palette and conquer your physical insecurities.
Thermage CPT
Thermage is a safe, non-invasive, no downtime, single treatment, cosmetic procedure that is clinically proven to tighten, contour and rejuvenate skin to help restore a more youthful appearance with one single treatment there would be immediate results and this improvement continues for up to eighteen months.The procedures are performed with the FDA-cleared ThermalCool system. There is no down time for this procedure and this procedure can be done on all skin types and colours. Another plus factor would be that after the procedure you do not have to avoid the sun compared to laser treatments. Areas suitable for this procedure are for example body, eyes and face.
Ultrashape with Laser
The UltraShape™ procedure is guided by a proprietary real-time tracking and guidance system designed to deliver smooth, uniform body contouring results. The system software maps the treatment area in three dimensions and guarantees adherence to a pre-determined treatment algorithm. This algorithm ensures complete and uniform energy delivery over the entire treatment area, thus minimizing the risk of contour irregularities, a common side effect of liposuction. The tracking system, by addressing the dynamic nature of the treatment area as it monitors and synchronizes patient position in real-time, enables the patient to move freely without impacting the treatment. This technology is able to permanently reduce fat non-surgically with no down time.
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Mosaic's skin regeneration procedure is the latest in fractional resurfacing. It delivers thousands of microscopic laser beams to the skin altering the structures below the surface, creating unique conditions for continual collagen and elastin regeneration.
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