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It is a intense pulsed light system able to provide a broad range of wavelengths interacting with the skin. Thanks to special interchangeable waveguides or handpieces, it is possible to treat a wide range of skin problems, while targeting specific chromophores (such as melanin and water) with the right wavelengths, fluence and timing. The Eterna Giovinezza ES and Silk Light ES are clinically proven and very effective. The applications result extremely fast, thanks to the high repetition rate and the big spot sizes available (13x48 mm2 and 13x25 mm2).



Energy is concentrated on the electrode contacted area. It is effective for face care, fat care near of skin, alopecia care.

Energy is concentrated on the middle of the are between electrode and patient plate. It is effective for abdominal fat care, pain relief, cellulite removing.

• +pole and -pole in one electrode
• Heat is generated fatser than monopolar
• RF current flows between two poles line above picture
• The depth of penetration is fixed and limited to approximately half of the distance between the two poles.
• Less energy of sufficient density reaches the deeper skin layers
• Effetive of face to remove wrinkle and tightening

L VT-2S0 helps increase the temperature of deep dermis & hypodermis with 3 - Scm in depth, improving cellular function, circulation of blood, relief of pain, and enhances the extension of collagen tissues.
L VT-250 facilities the reduction of chronic inflammations by using induction heating which refers to a method where highfrequency current applied to a body triggers resistance to convert an electre energy into a thermal energy .

• Body fat decomposition
• Cellulite dissolving
• Size decreasing
• Lifting
• Lighten the stretch marks

• Skin rejuvenate
• Improvement wrinkle reduction
• Relxaing stressed facial muscle
• Simulating COllagen
• Dark circle


Alexandrite Light Toning Systems
• All types of Melasma
• Pigmented Uneven
• Skin Tone
• Skin Whitening
• Wrinkles
• Large Pores
• Vascular Treatment

- Pure Alexandrite Light
- Advanced Light Technology
- Using V-coating technology
- High Power via V-coating technology

- Pure Light base toning machine (Big possibi~ty of replacing
- Laser Toning mar1 "No Burning
- No pain, bleeding, scabbing or infection
- No Down Time!!
- Immediate whitening effects after 2 sessions
- Lower power used for Ugh! Toning for both melasma and whitening
- Higher power used for hair removal
- No PIH (or irritation /worsened oondition)

DrVI Anode

Ultra pulse 1
Cannot be incorporated in the usual care, such as collagen or hyaluronic acid polymer composition will replenish skin.

Adopt 4-pole devices, and using special pulse in the altemating current is 1 second Ninety thousand times between the four elements repeated flows, micro wave. caused by the friendly wave put working muscles, muscle stretching exercise. skin tightening, you can feel the firmness and elasticity.

Radio Frequency in high frequency
High-frequency is the shortest distance between the electrode and the features. Pieces when tissue in high-frequency, according to power of highfrequency characteristics and medical care of energy easier to flow, and the heat in there. Also using the Doctor scalp skin to burden such gentle high-frequency characteristics.

By electrical pulse that no pain (erased) Electropration method was applied to give enhances the penetration effICiency of active ingredients in the secondary action. Departure at the same time increase the penetration efficiency of hair, hair growth, hair will continue to support the given moisture to the scalp and hair. beams, strainer, shiny.

It is wave-shaped blades can scalp (Scalp) + face for the scalp and skin cleaner. After application of electrolytic reduced water-only blade on skin, and every second in working of the minor vibrations of 30,000 times and electrolytic reduction of water. remove dirt up to the skin suriace. Efficiently removes difficult pores cannot get rid of the only wash dirty horny aging. qualities.

Using the head body. skin friendly titanium (Titanium content rate of 99.98%). equipped with a vibration (vibration) feature.

Two colors, blue and red LED
Suriace of the machine with a blue and red LED lights. And special machining light is illuminated the wide emitting lens is a cool blue, (skin damage) effect, red. (lift care and flexibility) for activity.

Oxyjet Leo Deluxe

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What is your worry? Body hair, Wrinkles, flaccidity, dark spots, oily skin…? 
Solve it in a quick, safe, comfortable and customised manner with Palacio De Germaine!

Variable Pulse Technology: 

This technology makes it possible for the intense pulsed light system (IPL) to emit several light pulses with one shot (up to 3 pulses per shot), using the scientific principle of Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT). The pulse train means that the thermal difference between the tissue to treat and that surrounding it is increased for the most efficient, safest treatment possible. - 



NORA removes hair permanently using the selective photothermolysis mechanism, which respects the surrounding tissues. NORA has been clinically tested for permanent hair removal in different phototypes (from 1 to 5). The technology’s operating parameters are so flexible and safe that different types of body hair (thickness, colour and depth of the follicle) can be treated extremely effectively in different types of skin.


Age spots and pigmentation: Sun or age spots that appear over time on the skin are caused by an accumulation of melanin. NORA emits pulses of light which are absorbed by the melanin and which heat it until it ruptures into tiny particles that are reabsorbed by the body. 

Wrinkles, expression lines and collagen stimulation: The pulses of light emitted by NORA stimulate the fibroblasts in the innermost dermal layers, triggering the production of collagen that rises to the surface of the skin, smoothing small wrinkles and expression lines.


NORA has preset programmes for treating acne that are activated when the optional head is fitted. This cartridge uses a specific filter that generates a pulse of light in a range of wavelengths that causes the disappearance of the bacteria P. Acnes.

RF LAVATRON (Anti-aging, Face Lifting, Face Shaping)

Radio Frequency Diathermy Device - Lavatron
Lavatron helps increase the temperature of deep dermis & hypodermis with 3~5cm in depth, improving cellular function, circulation of blood, relief of pain, and enhances the extension of collagen tissues. Lavatron facilities the cure of chronic inflammations by using induction heating which refers to a method where high-frequency current applied to a body triggers resistance to convert an electric energy into a thermal energy.

LavaTRON Stimulation Process in Body 


1. Wrinkle removing and Elasticity
When electrode is in contact with skin, Lavatron applies high frequency which does not stimulate normal tissue while it stably increase temperature. This temperature is called as hyperthermia. Hyperthermia stimulates and changes the loosed and non-elastic collagen tissues to form dense and elastic tissue. This action will result in reduction of wrinkles, skin lifting and a sharper looking face.

Applications : Crow's feet/Nasolabial fold/Forehead Lifting/Anti-aging/Face Slimming 


2. Lifting & Fat removing
Studies have proved that radio frequency energy increases the flow of blood to the blood stream in fat cells. This accelerates a natural fat burning process known as lipo-metabolism, giving results of lasting and visible fat loss. Lavatron maximizes the delivery power of radio frequency energy to the body by combining our knowledge and understanding of Radio frequency with the most advanced technology.

Applications: Abdominal fat care/Leg silhouette care/Hip silhouette care head


Clinical Trials

YelloToning (Whitening, Fine Hair Removal)

YelloToning is a pure 750nm Alexandrite Light-based laser system, a combination of IPL and Laser technology. 

Its Dynamic Contact Cooling System provides consistent epidermal cooling and comfort for the patients’ skin. The contact cooling prepares the skin before treatment by selectively lowering the skins temperatures. During treatment, pain is substantially removed and patients feels more comfortable during the treatment as compared to IPL. Visible Whitening effects can be seen after 2-3 Treatments.

OXYjet (Oxygen Infusing, Brightening & Whitening)

OXYjet - The concept
By the use of pulsed oxygen pressure, highly effective cosmetic formulations and pure concentrated oxygen are pulsed into deep layers of the skin...without needles- gentle, effective and safe!

The treatment pressure has been fixed after a study carried out by the internationally renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology. So the penetration of the active ingredients is guaranteed without any skin damage.

The active ingredients that is deposited deep in the skin, unfolds its positive effects over time. At the same time the oxygen provides the skin with new energy and freshness. Resulting in filled wrinkles, lighted pigmentation spots and skin impurities are gently reduced without pain and side effects.


OXYjet - the Treatment
Hightech pressure injection by the use of pulsed oxygen. Without oxygen there would be no human life on earth. All our vital functions are dependent on a sufficient supply of oxygen to our body cells, so that nutrients and vital substances can be converted into energy.

During the OXYjet treatment, active ingredient concentrates that are specially designed to meet your individual skin requirements would be applied, and deeply “shot” into the skin by means of pulsed oxygen pressure. Lines and wrinkles are filled gently, giving the skin an appearance that is younger and fresher!

Oxygen infusing treatment is a treatment that is sworn and approved by many Hollywood stars like the international pop-star, Madonna.

Treat first signs of skin ageing effectively! Reduce wrinkles, gently tighten face contours and experience the “Hollywood Glow” now!


The application of blue LED light is a documented therapy for the control of spots and pimples. Q-Light uses blue LED light that is of powerful medical grade. Blue Light is Capable of killing the bacteria that causes acne and help to prevent future breakouts.

How the Lights Work
LED Light Therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light to counter different problems, this is known as Phototherapy. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These diodes give off energy in the form of light and they powerful, bright, efficient. Making it suitable for Phototherapy.

Acne is often exacerbated by the presence of bacteria, particularly P.acnes which multiply in the sebaceous glands. The skin becomes inflamed when the body tries to fight these invaders. Inflammation is something that is worth addressing/preventing since it can lead to acne scars.

People with acne typically have more bacteria in their follicles than those without acne.
The Blue Light that is emitted by the LED is absorbed by the polyphorins which are produced by the bacterial cell bodies. The Polyphorins then develops oxygen radicals which leads to the destruction of these organisms without damaging healthy skin

Recommended for : Acne, Hiperpigmintation, Moisturising, Reaffirm, Wrinkles


The emission of a visible light at certain wavelengths at a sufficient light power using LEDs, generates a sequence of biological reactions which stimulates cells, enhancing elastin and collagen synthesis and providing beneficial effects in the skin.

Phototherapy affects cell metabolism activating skin tissue repair enzymes, vasodilatory effects and collagenesis. Phototherapy's photoporation effect help the beauty products applied to be more effectively penetrated into skin tissues due to the opening of transient micropores induced by LED light.


  1. Softening of expression lines and wrinkles: This programme uses the stimulating, vasodilatory effects of red light, combining and alternating this with the toning, revitalising effects of yellow and green/magenta light, which also stimulates the synthesis of collagen.
  2. Removal of blemishes and pigmentation lesions: combines the emission of green light for its enzyme activation effects with the emission of yellow light for its toning effects.
  3. Oily skin Treatment: The 470nm blue light emitted acts on the bacteria that cause acne while helping to stimulate the body's healing response. This treatment ensure that sufficient light energy is emitted to reach a depth of 2mm (dermis), where the bacteria responsible for acne are found. This process activates collagen production generating a molecular variant of oxygen which is toxic to and helps to destroy these bacteria. Bacterial activity is reduced, acne inflammation decreases and the general condition of the skin improves as a result of this process.
  4. Facial firming: combines red and yellow light emission, which have vasodilatory and toning effects, with green/magenta which activates the enzymes, revitalises and repairs. this programme softens the rough texture of the skin, increasing hydration and restoring elasticity to the skin tissues.
  5. Hydration and texture improvement: Red light is used for its stimulating, vasodilatory effects and is alternated with yellow and green/magenta for a toning, decongestant and revitalising effect.