palacio - PK24

Does pk24 help with dryness?

pk24 can help but the best solution for dryness is a good lubricant. Try AstroGiide, available at most drugstores.

Can pk24 be used with a condom?

The ingredients in pk24 won't break down or affect condom material, but this is no guarantee that the condom won't fail during use.

Is pk24 safe to use while pregnant?

We don't have any clinical information regarding use during pregnancy, but recommend against it because there's no reason to take any chances with your baby. We hope to hear from you again after your delivery and recovery.

I was wondering if pk24 causes yeast infections, as I am prone to getting them?

The results of the clinical trials showed pk24 does not cause yeast infections. In addition, our clients who are prone to frequent yeast infections report great success using pk24. If you have an active infection, however slight, we do not recommend using.

Does pk24 have any hormones in it?


Do I use pk24 for the rest of my life?

The only time you will use pk24 is when you know or think you are going to be sexually active. Use is purely optional. pk24 is a temporary solution to a permanent condition.

Can I use pk24 with a lubricant?

Yes. Using a lubricant will not affect the efficacy of pk24.

How do I use it?

Pk24 comes in a pump dispenser. Just apply a dime-sized amount to the tip of your middle finger. Insert and massage thoroughly to vaginal walls.

How many applications are in the bottle? If I used it daily, would it last a week, a month, several months?

1 bottle of pk24 should last anywhere from 30 to 60 days.

How much do you use for a single application?

A dime-sized amount will last 24 to 36 hours.

Is there a scent or taste? I'd like to use this without the knowledge of my boyfriend.

pk24 has a very slight cherry scent & flavoring when first applied. After a few hours of application there is no scent or flavor at all.

Can I take a bath in the evening if I've already used pk24?

Bathing, exercise and other routine activity will not affect results.

Will pk24 stain clothing or linens?


Will pk24 work during my menstrual period?


How does pk24 work?

pk24 is formulated to hydrate the interior walls of the vagina, creating a tightening effect, which allows for greater friction, and in turn enhances sensation and sexual pleasure for both a woman and her partner.

Can I use it every day?

Yes. The maximum application is twice within a 24 hour period. Once you have used pk24 a few times you will quickly learn how many times a week you will want to use it. I use it 2 to 3 times per week.

How do I know it's safe?

pk24 is manufactured in the U.S with FDA-approved ingredients, and has completed clinical trials for safety.

Does this really work?

During clinical trials 89% of subjects report increased level of sexual arousal during sexual activity or intercourse.

When is the best time to apply the cream?

Find it starts working after about 10 minutes, and lasts for up to 24 hours. I like to apply it twice early in the day, around ll:OOam and re-apply around 1:00pm-then forget about it. My experience is the longer you wait the more dramatic the results.

Is pk24 safe for oral sex?

Absolutely. The ingredients in pk24 are food safe. We've even added a hint of cherry flavoring that disappears after about 3 hours.

Does pk24 remain effective over time with repeated use?

The effectiveness of pk24 does not diminish over time. The formula continues to be highly effective with repeated use.

Does more frequent use produce better results?

Yes. Two applications over the course of a day will produce a more dramatic tightening effect.

Does pk24 work for women of all ages? I am 65. Any hope?

Oh my goodness, yes. Actually, my mother is 76 and has a new boyfriend. She loves pk24 and thinks it is wonderful.

I have genital herpes. Can I still use pk24?

You can certainly use pk24 but please do not use it when you are experiencing an outbreak or any irritation. If you have symptoms the formula may cause a stinging or burning sensation.

Is pk24 available at any retail stores?

pk24 is only available for purchase online at this time.

Does this product have a shelf life?

According to the lab, pk24 has a shelf life of three years.

Is pk24 a good lubricant?

While pk24 provides some lubrication, it is primarily a vaginal tightening solution. For lubrication, I recommend AstroGiide which is available at most drug stores.