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Intense Pulse Light

Broad Range of Wavelengths To Treat Different Skin Problems Such As Signs of Aging, Pigmentation, Acne, Skin Lesions as well as Permanent Hair Removal

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Spa Body Massage

Manipulation of Superficial and Deeper Layers of Muscle and Connective Tissue. Aids in the healing process, Promotes relaxation and well-being,

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Radio Frequency Slimming Treatment

RF Treatment Helps Increase Temperature Wthin Deep Dermis and Hypodermis. Thus Improves Cellular Functions, Extension of Collagen Tissues.

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Cryo Therapy Slimming Treatment

An Effective Slimming Treatment That Achieves Up To 20% Fat ln Treated Areas Through A Procedure Called "Liposhock".
Non Invasive & No Down Time!

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Timexpert White Power Light

From Germaine de Capuccini’s Timexpert White range, the New Power Light booster facial serum has been formulated to provide light, transparency and clarity to the skin as it counteracts, corrects and prevent pigmentation, cellular ageing and loss of luminosity.

Timexpert C+ (A.G.E)

Germaine de Capuccini takes another step and combines The renown anti-ageing power of VITAMIN C, its regenerating and anti-oxidising capacity and its effective action against darkspots and tone uniformity with the  with the world's first “anti-glycation” technology using the capacity of the UME EXTRACT to inhibit the action of glycation.

SRNS Illumintating Detox Eye

To directly address the problems of puffiness and bags under the eye area, with a slight tint, the product has an incredible effect to minimise imperfections and shadows straight away. With a special metallic applicator, provides a sensation of freshness and helps to activate the lymphatic micro-circulation.

Perfect Forms Phytocare Firm & Tonic Oil

This prodigious oil combines a high skin nourishing, protective, smoothing, hydrating, soothing and regenerating power. Recommended during weight changes, it helps to keep at bay the stretch marks and flaccidity, as well as achieving supple and satin skin.


Purexpert’s facial hygiene is an original and sophisticated treatment in three gestures, formulated with natural ingredients, that reveals pure and uniform skin, reduces pores and irregularities and prevents the first wrinkles.

PK 24

Women spend thousands on anti-aging products for their face, but the face is not the only area that ages. PK24 is the only clinically-tested vaginal 24-hour vaginal tightening crème.

Mitate C3 Mask

A mask focusing on “self repair ability” that human beings naturally have by accelerating the metabolism of the cell, you will be able to recover your best skin condition. Effect has proven by many professionals since it has been achieving remarkable results in many medical institutions and major spa salons.


Full lashes works effectively against lashes that have become weaker and have lost their length. A unique treatment that visibly improves their appearance with utmost safety and efficiency.For fuller, longer lashes, apply each day and see results in just 30 days!