palacio - Synergyage (EGF + HA FORMULA)

Synergyage is a skincare line of superior quality created to deeply improve the appearance and quality of the skin. Clinically advanced, this line is based on a new approach of anti-ageing technology and general treatment of the skin. A professional medical-aesthetical approach that places it as a leader of cosmeceutical research. Effective and innovative solutions to the main aesthetic problems: acne, darkspots, wrinkles, redness, flaccidity, etc.


A revolutionary new treatment is now available and is completely non-invasive.

For the first time in this industry, a treatment using a combination of EGF+HA (Epidermal Growth Factor + Hyaluronic Acid) is available using unprecedented concentrations to provide a remarkable result. Working on all aspects of ageing:

  • Lines & Wrinkles¬†
  • Dark-spots/Pigmentation
  • Flaccidity
  • Large Pores
  • Skin Tone
A programme should be undertaken as follows:

A consultation with the salon to check suitability, and two homecare products will be provided to use for 7 days prior to treatment.

The first treatment is carried out, with a follow-up treatment carried out 2 weeks later.  During this time, continual use of the home care products is required, and in the warmer weather an SPF of 30+ should be used.

The results are quite remarkable with lines and wrinkles becoming markedly reduced, these results continue to improve over time also.

Results in just 2 sessions

Ultra-rapid results. Without side effects. Without injections.

1.Wrinkles and lines:
Reduced 100%.
Disappearance of expression lines 85%.

Firmer skin, redefined facial oval 90%.

3.General appearance of the face:
More rejuvenated 95%.

* Please note this facial requires both set home care and strict facial program. For more information on how you can start your EGF treatment please call us directly.

Information on Homecare set provided :

1. Glycocure Hydro Retexturing Booster Concentrate
2. Glycocure Intense Renewal Exfoliating Mask