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“Dr. Suh is a compassionate physician who really cares about his patients and does what he feels is best for them. He was the only physician who bothered to explain, in depth, the mechanics of my shoulder condition and ways to prevent its recurrence. It took about two months of treatment for my shoulder tendonitis but I was glad I went to him as that helped circumvent a potential surgery had I not done anything about it. He also took care of a muscle pull in my chest in just one visit. Unlike some other chiropractic places peddling treatment packages like a beauty salon, Dr. Suh does not engage in any pressure selling and determines your treatment frequencies based solely on your needs and progress. He is also a strong advocate of self-conducted exercises at home, which he always explains with patience and clarity. If you are looking for a non-surgical, non-drugs option to your problems, try Dr Suh.”

- HL, Singapore


“About eight months ago, I had accidentally slipped on the floor at home and fractured my left wrist. The orthopedic doctors at a hospital did not give me a definitive answer on whether a surgery was needed – one of them told me yes, yet another more experienced surgeon said it was not necessary after a long discussion with other surgeons. I did not feel comfortable or confident about their responses and went to seek another opinion from Dr. Suh. He looked at my x-rays and immediately assured me that surgery was not needed, given my age (I’m 66) and lifestyle as a homemaker. A surgery might have been necessary if I was younger or if I was an athlete.

After the fractured bone healed, I had about 1 month of treatment with Dr. Suh and he managed to regain 90% of my range of motion in my wrist and all of my strength back. I am very grateful to him for saving me from the high costs and long recovery process of a surgery at my age. Dr. Suh not only looked at my condition, but he looked at my lifestyle, age, and activity level to give me the best possible outcome for my injury. I still do some of the home exercises and I notice that my wrist is getting better even long after my official treatments were completed in his clinic. I am back to doing my home chores just like before and my wrist feels great.”

- KH Tan


“You are a good and caring Doctor and I miss you (in Chicago).”

- Paul K.


“Dr. Suh made it possible for me to still play football twice a week in my fifties. He does fantastic work on any calf or hamstring problems.”

- Ian H.


“Dr. Suh does a great job of understanding his patient’s needs. He addresses the root of the problem versus just trying to address the symptoms. He was instrumental in helping me recover from a car accident in a timely fashion. He is very knowledgeable in regards to the physiological working of the human body and applies science to help his customers heal.”

- E.V.


“Dr. Suh understood what I was going through at a different level than all of the other doctors I had seen. Because of this, he was able to diagnose and treat me quickly and effectively. I initially saw him for my lower back pain, but later went back for a shoulder pain. Dr. Suh has an excellent ability of teaching body mechanics which made me want get healthier and more active. And for this, I am forever grateful. Thanks again.”

- Pete K.


“My mum has been suffering from pains and aches, as with any aging body. She usually turns to Chinese traditional therapy or acupuncture for treatment. One day upon recommendation, she decided to give Dr. William Suh a try.

After her first treatment, she is amazed at how Dr. Suh accurately locates the problem and works out all of the stiffness in the affected areas. She is now attending more regular treatments with Dr. Suh. I am glad that she found relieve for her condition and she is also enjoying her treatment.

Oh, and speaking about Dr. Suh, I am still amaze at how he is able to communicate with my mum and makes her understand him with the very little English that she speaks and understands!”

- Jimmy Tay


“I had this ache on my lower back and could not lift up my right leg. I went to Dr. Suh and he immediately knew what was wrong. All he took was just 15 minutes and adjusted my pelvis. I felt great after that and it’s only just one visit!

What I like about him is his professionalism and honesty, unlike some doctors would tell me I need 10-15 treatments to get better. He sincerely cares for his patients.

I wish there were more docs like him.”

- Violet O.


“Dr. Suh conducts himself with the utmost professionalism and is clearly dedicated to promoting wellness for his patients. He helped me through a very difficult time when I was suffering from a traumatic hip injury. Through his treatment plan and instruction for proper exercise to strengthen the troubled area, I made significant progress in my recovery.”

- Chris A.


“Dr. Suh does an excellent job of evaluating your condition or injury and identifying the root cause of the problem. His treatment plans are effective, efficient, and holistic. In addition to providing proper treatment, Dr. Suh takes the extra step of working with you on proper body mechanics, stretching, conditioning and nutrition in order to minimize and/or prevent a reoccurrence of your condition. I have entrusted Dr. Suh with my family’s care for several years and would highly recommend his services.”

- Joe Gilbert


“Dr Suh not only offers effective treatment, he also teaches you the necessary post treatment exercises to sustain your recovery.”

- Yin L.


“I have been treated by Dr Suh several times. Sometimes after an injury, and sometimes for general maintenance of my hips and spine. Always, without exception, I have left his office feeling much better than when I arrived. Dr. Suh is a very talented, knowledgable and professional chiropractic physician. I would highly recommend his treatment.”

- Brian O.


“Dr. Suh helped me during my trainings for my marathons. When I had an injury he helped me with my muscles and some further suggestions on my training. As a result, I was able to enter and finish the marathons with good success. He also came to the marathon and saw me at the finish line. He also came and gave a presentation to my fellow Physical Education teachers on effective stretching to prevent injuries. His personal interest and care for his patients is very important in this world today and I will always be thankful for his help.”

- B. Keller

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