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Geopathic Stress Testing

What is geopathic stress?

It arises from earth radiation coming from underground water systems, earth grid lines and geological folds and fractures. We also count man-made radiation like wireless technologies and electro-magnetic frequencies as well as electricity under this category.

Why is it important to address geopathic stress? Firstly, geopathic stress is the source or significant contributing cause of many chronic illnesses. More importantly, based on our clinical experience, a person who has a chronic illness and does not treat geopathic stress will NEVER fully get well. These are the people who have gone for countless treatments and not see any significant results. These are the people who go from clinic to clinic looking for that miracle cure. Look no further, because this is IT!

A seven year study (1988-1995) in Germany conducted by Andreas Kopschina and Ursula & Wolfgang Daun, involving 8200 patients, measured the ability of patients to recover from chronic illness, regardless of the type of conventional or integrative therapy. 34% of patients were exposed to significant levels of Geopathic Stress. The study showed that until a person was taken off the Geopathic structure, their capacity to heal was greatly impaired.

Ulrike Banis, MD, ND, author of "Geopathic Stress - and What You Can Do About It", reports, “my experience - being a medical professional myself - is that at least 30% of all chronic medical conditions are derived from this cause - or to put it differently, our patients would be, on average, 30% healthier if we manage to find good sleeping places for everyone."

This is one of the least known but one of the most important factors in healing yourself of your chronic illness. We work with certified geobiologists to test your home and find appropriate measures to neutralize the geopathic stress in your home.

Geopathic Stress Testing


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