Dr Tay graduated from the National University of Singapore, obtained his Masters degree in Periodontology from the Eastman Dental Institute, University of London and holds a Graduate Diploma in Dental Implantology from the National University of Singapore. He is a registered Dental Specialist in Periodontology with the Singapore Dental Council.  He is also licensed to practice dentistry in New Zealand.

Dr Tay has vast experience in clinical dentistry and is a partner at Apollonia Dental Surgery. Previously, he had worked with the Singapore Armed Forces and the Ministry of Home Affairs in his capacity as a dental surgeon. He was a visiting Dental Specialist for Military Medicine Institute, Singapore Armed Forces, Raffles Hospital and National University Health System. Currently, he is a Visiting Consultant to Jurong Health Services.

His experience in periodontics includes root resections, guided tissue regeneration, bone and/or submucosal connective tissue grafting and other surgical periodontal procedures to salvage teeth that have been affected by gum or periapical disease. Apart from treating gum disease, Dr Tay has also special interests in dental implantology and the treatment of peri-implant infections. Dr Tay is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore.