Sin Kang TCM - About Us

Sin Kang Traditional Therapy, formerly known as Zhang Ling TCM Therapy was established in 1999 in the heart of Singapore’s business district, provides qualified therapists and traditional massage for both male and female patrons in a clean & serene envirement for healing and relieving the daily tiredness and stiffness.

Our team of TCM physicians are fully certified by the Ministry of Health TCM Practitioners Board and Certified Chinese Physician in Singapore and is also one of the few TCM Therapy to be granted. This allows us to provide friendly services in a conducive environment to ease your body tensions.

Having more than 20 trained and qualified Traditional Chinese therapists, with our wealth of clinical and practical experience we understand an know the important of providing a comprehensive service for our customers who require advice and treatment for their symptoms and has to-date been very successful. Our extensive treatment includes migraine, obesity, insomnia/sleeping disorders, hand/feet numbness and sports injury. One of our specialty also lies in relieving discomfort and stiffed backs/necks arising from long term usage of computers and electronics.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an alternative healing technique that combines the use of various treatments such as acupuncture, herbs and different forms of massage. TCM looks at the body as a whole and each symptom directly correlates to the body’s chi and balance.

     现代人因为生活紧张,工作压力、饮食不正常,日積月累而逐渐形成“现代文明病及慢性病” 例如:颈椎病是40岁之后的专利,但现在20-30发就有颈椎病、甚至还有小学生和中学生!原因很简单,伏案太久或长期电脑前工作或学习,工作压力大,自己又不懂调理,加上夜睡,饮酒过量等而引起肌肉酸痛,僵硬和全身疲劳,所以很多人都得颈椎病。

  • 不明原因的肩颈部酸痛,手臂发麻。
  • 正常直行却出现“跑徧”问题。
  • 常觉头晕难受,偏头痛、失眠健忘、慢性疲劳,眼花耳呜、手麻等等。这些都可以通过推拿和针炙得以缓解
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