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Jin Pai Propolis Soft Capsules

Jin Pai Propolis Soft Capsules(400mgx60caps)
It has reputation of "natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent and natural immune-stimulating agent". It also promote tissue regeneration, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Good for recuperation after surgery or radiation therapy.

Propolis is a sticky and organic substance exuded from the leaf buds, young twigs and bark of the poplar trees. This substance has been around for many years and was used as a natural antibiotic during ancient times.

The bees gathered propolis and modified it by enzymes secreted from their glands as they process the propolis for use as a cement to secure the structure of the hive and to seal-over cracks and openings of the hive. This serves to control the internal environment of the hive while reinforcing and protecting the hive from intruders. Furthermore, it is used by the bees to sterile the queen bee’s cell before she lay her eggs. Hence, propolis is used by bees for protecting their hive against infection.

Propolis is popularly used by naturopathic physicians as a natural antibiotic due to its’ non-toxic side effects. It is rich in fats, amino acids, alcohol ethers and trace elements namely iron, copper, manganese, zinc. It has a high vitamin content particularly B group C, E, P and proto-Vitamin A.

Actions: Aids in soothing burns, cuts and minimize scarring; acts as a salve for abrasions and bruises. Effective in killing harmful bacteria; in promoting regeneration of collagen, cartilage, bone and dental pulp; in soothing and healing dry cough, halitosis (bad-smelling breath), tonsillitis, ulcers and throat infection.
Immune stimulant by stimulating interferon (a natural protein substance), rejuvenates the body.

Caution: Not recommended for asthmatics or allergy sufferers as it can cause severe allergic reactions.