Tonic - Kinhong

Jin Pai China 100%(Ganoderma)Lingzhi

Jin Pai China 100%(Ganoderma)Lingzhi(270mgx120caps or 270mgx10caps)
灵芝自古以来被认为是吉祥,富贵,美好,长寿的象征,视其为滋补强壮,固本扶正的珍贵中草药。宁心安神,健脾和胃。 Its main indications were to disperse stasis in chest, to promote circulation in the heart, to nourish central visceras, to improve mental power and to heal forgetfulness.
(Ganoderma) Lingzhi is a nourishing tonic, builds body resistance, detoxifying, sedative etc.
(Ganoderma) Lingzhi could effectuate the following curativeness: neurasthenia, insomnia, invigorating the spleen, regulating stomach-energy, palpitation.