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Jin Pai Ganoderma Broken Shell Spore Capsules

破壁灵芝孢子胶囊 灵芝孢子与破壁新技术 灵芝是靠孢子的分裂繁殖的,孢子是灵芝的种子。灵芝和自然界中的其他生物一样,都具有保护后代的能力。灵芝孢子的外层是一层坚硬的几丁质的壳。经多次科学验证表明,必须使灵芝孢子破壁才能被人体充分吸收。如果破壁率底,则人体吸收其中原生质有效成份的速度过于缓慢,往往在消化道还没有酶解成功,孢子已被排出体外。

作用:健脾益气,养心安神。 用于心脾两虚,病后体弱,化疗或放疗后患者的辅助治疗,提高机能体免疫功能。

金脾产品选用生长于黄山深山区栋树段上的名贵药用赤芝做原料。 原料精选,工芝先进。金牌破壁灵芝孢子是经过精选的,即将收集到的赤芝孢子再经分选工芝,去除杂质,选取纯净且发育良好的孢子,杜绝充货。


成份:破壁灵芝孢子粉100% Ganoderma Lucidum Spore 100%

Ganoderma Broken Shell Spore Capsules
Ganoderma spore and new shell breaking technology: As similar as other biological bodies in nature, Ganoderma has natural protection ability for its younger generation. The external surface of Ganoderma Spore is the chitin hard shell. Having proved by numerous scientific experiments, the essence of Ganoderma Spore can only be absorbed by human body only after the spore has been broken. The effective contents of protoplasm in the spore absorbed by human body would be slowed down, if there is no or low breaking rate of spore shell. The spore would be discharged from the human body, before the successful enzyme reaction takes place in the human digestive tract.
The effectiveness of Jin Pai Ganoderma spore:
The Ganoderma spore can expedite recovery after chemical and radioactive theraphy and can improve immunity, strengthen physical conditions, maintain the healthy function of speen and stomach, and calm the nerves. The raw materials of Jin Pai product are selected from the precious medicinal Ruby Ganoderma grown in the deep mountains of Huang San. The breaking rate of Jin Pai Ganoderma is above 95%.
Adopting advanced technology with the selection of fine raw materials. Jin Pai broken shell Ganoderma spore has gone through the fine selection stage, i.e., after the collection of ruby Ganoderma, the fine materials would be sorted. Only pure and well-grown spores would be selected and impurities, bad spores and fake products of Ganoderma spore rejected. The spore shell breaking rate of Jin Pai Ganoderma is efficiently high due to the specialized technology. The contents of Ganoderma spore can be released fully and can be achieved with just a small dosage to obtain the equivalent effectiveness.